Rams: Jared Goff Takes Subtle Shot at Los Angeles After Trade with Detroit Lions

Life sure comes at you fast.

One moment, Jared Goff is signing the biggest contract in NFL history while the next he’s being shipped off to Detroit after falling short yet again. It was no secret that Sean McVay wasn’t convinced with Goff at the helm, but getting rid of his $134 million contract seemed almost impossible.

The Rams wasted no time in finding a trade partner following their early playoff exit, however, attaching three draft picks to the deal to sweeten the pot for Detroit. The trade brings veteran Matthew Stafford to LA while sending Goff to a rebuilding Lions team.

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Trades are rarely perfect for all parties involved, but Jared is truly getting the short end of the stick here. Not only is he leaving a team with multiple offensive weapons to make his life easier, but he’s also joining a team that may be looking for his replacement before he even arrives.

Not even 24 hours after the trade had been agreed upon, Goff already had some parting words for his former team. When NFL Network’s Michael Silver spoke with him about the move, Jared did not hold back.

I’m just excited to be somewhere that I know wants me and appreciates me.

While the Rams’ front office had not shown much support for the quarterback in the past few weeks, they wouldn’t have extended him back in 2019 if they didn’t believe in his abilities. Unfortunately, the two seasons that followed only sealed the deal for the Cal product and his time in Los Angeles.

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