Rams News: Jared Goff Traded to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford

Well what do you know, Les Snead has done it again. After uncertainty surrounding Jared Goff’s future with the Rams, rumors started to surface that the Rams were open to moving the former No. 1 pick after back-to-back subpar seasons. The biggest obstacle facing that scenario was Goff’s 4-year $134 million extension that he signed following the 2018 season. However, Snead has proven that he’s capable of making the impossible become reality, and he happened to do so again.

After the possibility of such a trade swirled around not too long ago, news broke Saturday night that the Los Angeles Rams have traded Goff to the Detroit Lions in exchange for Matthew Stafford. Los Angeles will also be sending two future first-round draft picks as well as a third-round pick.

Although Goff has shown flashes of his potential throughout his tenure with the Rams, he was never able to really build off of it and make a home for himself in LA. Maybe a change of scenery will be enough to turn his career around.

As for Stafford, the Rams secured one of the strongest arms in the league. Yes, he’s six years older than Jared Goff at 32, yet he may be just what the Rams have been missing. The former Georgia product has spent his past 12 seasons on some less than stellar teams in Detroit. While he’s had some great receivers at his disposal, the organization could never put together the right pieces around Stafford to win a Super Bowl. Los Angeles on the other hand is equipped with talent on both sides of the ball and Stafford may be the missing puzzle the Rams have been missing.

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Don’t get me wrong, Goff could’ve been that guy, but he’s been digging himself into a deep hole. It showed this past season with all of the picks and turnovers that he allowed as well as his inability to extend the play. It was obvious that he folded under pressure. Stafford on the other hand, while not a mobile quarterback, has shown that he can extend the play when necessary. That’s all the Rams really need. They don’t need the next Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, although tempting. All they need is a guy who isn’t afraid to get hit in order to get complete the pass or escape the pocket in order to find the open man downfield.

Over 12 seasons, Stafford has completed 62.6% of his passes for 282 touchdowns and 144 interceptions. While those stats may not jump off the page, they are still solid for a QB who has never really had a solid run game. In fact, Detroit hasn’t ranked in the top half of the league in terms of rushing for quite some time. Just this past season they were ranked 3oth out of all 32 teams. Things will be different in Los Angeles as they finished the year as the 11th best rushing team in the league and it only figures to get better with a healthy and more experienced Cam Akers. Add in the receiving corps led by Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, as well as Tyler Higbee, and Stafford will have plenty of weapons at his disposal.

With all of the current talent on the offense as well as the defense, who hopes to repeat its 2020 performance, and the Rams could be looking at a much better 2021 season with Stafford under center. Sean McVay and his offense mind will be busy at work.

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