Dodgers News: LA Adds New Hitting Game Planner from Sox

He was recommended for the role by two Dodgers.

The Dodgers made a move to the coaching staff on Tuesday, adding a new coach in the hitting department.

They added J.T. Watkins to help with hitting game planning, per recommendations from star OF Mookie Betts and new DH J.D. Martinez. Watkins coached both Betts and Martinez when they were in Boston. Red Sox beat writer Sean McAdam reported on the move.

Watkins was suspended by the MLB in 2020 due to his involvement in the Red Sox sign-stealing scandal. They were the other team caught for sign stealing next to the Astros, however, they didn’t get as much bad press for it.

Either way, it seems that the past is in the past, and the Dodgers are looking forward to having him help out in the hitting department. Hitting coach Brant Brown left for the Marlins earlier this offseason, so maybe this is their way of filling that loss.

Fans probably won’t hear much from Watkins all season, but if Betts and Martinez liked him, the rest of the clubhouse should benefit, too.

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  1. Here’s a hitting game plan: Do not have more than one (1) hitter who strikes-out 35% of the time into the line-up card.

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