Dodgers News: Justin Turner and the Boys in Blue are READY for Baseball to Return

Today would’ve been the 71st game of the Dodgers’ 2020 season with the boys in blue finishing off a series win against the Atlanta Braves. In any other year, it would’ve been a great Sunday afternoon filled with baseball and people getting together to barbecue or going out running errands before the upcoming week. However, as we all know it’s not a normal year that has seen so much chaos and loss accompanied by no Dodger baseball to help us through it all. 

Fans have continued to be deprived of the sport they hold so dearly as the owners and players have been at a standstill for months. Leaks of the ongoing negotiations have become common, whether to discredit one side or not, they have sucked out the hope of many fans. Just two days ago the league sent yet another counter-proposal to the MLBPA which they rejected yesterday. It seems that these talks are even dragging on too long for the players themselves as the MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark released a statement on their behalf. 

Whether you agree with one side or the other we can all agree that baseball would make this year a just a little bit easier to endure. Many Dodgers players such as David Price, Ross Stripling, Max Muncy, etc. have lent their support to the tweet while others such as Justin Turner and Kike Hernandez have voiced their support that much more. 

While many fans have already given up on the potential return of baseball, others are still clinging to the little hope they have left. Not only does the future of baseball depend on it but this push by not just Dodgers but many players overall could potentially lead to some form of a season happening this year, giving us fans some enjoyment in an otherwise gloomy year. The Dodgers have already expressed their desire to play. They’re ready and so are we!

Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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