MLB News: League’s New Counter Proposal To Players Expected Today

It seems as this back and forth circus show between the MLB owners and players will take another step into what we hope will be a resolution today. Doubtful actually, but still there is some hope. Maybe.

According to MLB’s Jon Heyman, the league is expected to make a proposal later today:

I’m no genius here, but it seems as if the owners are baby crawling into these percentage numbers. The last proposal sent by the MLB was 75 percent with a 76-game season and now pushing for a 72 game at “more” then 80 percent prorated pay? Doesn’t add up in my head.

Will the players bite? Highly doubtful since the MLBPA has been drastically pushing for 100 percent of pay and clearly will not budge. Another factor that could seriously halt everything will be the recent spikes in coronvirus cases. Recent COVID numbers are looking kinda scary right now. Spikes in Texas, Arizona, and Florida are showing. A second wave seems inevitable now.

We’ll have to watch and see what the next step is. My prediction is that this sad game of Pong will continue to the point where it is too late. Greed seems to be the cause of all this fiasco and everyone forgot about the game in general.

Come on baseball. Get it together.

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