USC Trojans Quarterback Caleb Williams’ NFL Draft Decision Looms Large

Will Caleb Williams declare for the 2024 NFL Draft or return for his senior year at USC? The football world eagerly awaits his decision.

In 2021, USC Trojans star quarterback Caleb Williams made waves with a remarkable comeback performance while leading his former team, the Oklahoma Sooners, against their arch-rivals, the Texas Longhorns, in the Red River Rivalry. Fast forward to 2022, and Williams continued his ascent as a football sensation, capturing the spotlight in Southern California. Despite a challenging 2023 season for the Trojans, speculation is rife that he may be the number one pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, raising the question of whether he’ll declare for the draft or opt to return for his senior year at USC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Caleb Williams emerged as a star quarterback during his freshman season at USC, drawing praise from media, fans, and NFL scouts.
  • Speculation surrounds whether Williams will declare for the 2024 NFL Draft, potentially becoming the number one overall pick.
  • Caleb’s father, Carl Williams, could play a pivotal role in influencing his decision, prolonging the anticipation.

Caleb Williams, with his impressive talent and potential to be the top pick in the NFL Draft, faces a significant decision. Will he seize the opportunity to become an instant franchise player, or will he choose to stay with USC for his senior year? It’s a decision that could reshape his career and the fate of the Trojans.

His father, Carl, already started a firestorm when he suggested to GQ in September that Williams had “two shots at the apple” and might return to school “if there’s not a good situation” waiting for him in the NFL. Carl Williams has done plenty of due diligence on the matter since, taking meetings and speaking to whomever he could, across different sports, about how to maximize his son’s leverage. But no one around Williams seems to consider that a likely outcome any longer.

“Carl isn’t out there to beat the system,” said a person close to the family but unauthorized to speak publicly.

Williams, for the record, told The Times it’s still “a game-time decision” whether he declares for the NFL.

(via Ryan Kartje of The Los Angeles Times)

While many would argue that it would be unwise for Williams to pass up the chance to be the number one overall pick, the role of Carl Williams in this decision-making process cannot be underestimated. Carl’s influence on his son’s choice is apparent, and the timeline for making this decision remains uncertain.

The allure of being the first choice in the NFL Draft is undeniable, offering fame, fortune, and the chance to be the cornerstone of an NFL franchise. On the flip side, USC and its loyal fanbase undoubtedly want to see Williams back in the cardinal and gold for another year. However, with the stakes so high, it’s challenging to envision Williams opting for another year in college football.

In the end, as the football world eagerly awaits Caleb Williams’ decision, one thing is clear: his choice will have a lasting impact, not only on his own career but on the Trojans and the NFL as a whole. Whether he heads to the league or returns to USC, one can only hope that this young quarterback’s talent and potential continue to shine bright on the gridiron.

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