USC Trojans Eyeing Top Prospect AJ Dybantsa for 2026 Recruit Class

USC's pursuit of AJ Dybantsa, a top 2026 recruit, could reshape their basketball program's future.

In a surprising move, the USC Trojans men’s basketball team secured a game-changing commitment from Isaiah Collier, the No. 1 prospect in the class of 2023. This unexpected signing not only underlined the program’s dedication to basketball but also highlighted Andy Enfield’s successful efforts in the shadow of UCLA.

Key Takeaways:

  • USC Trojans shocked the basketball world with the signing of Isaiah Collier, the top prospect in the class of 2023.
  • The Trojans are now setting their sights on AJ Dybantsa, a highly regarded 2026 recruit.
  • Reports suggest that Dybantsa will visit USC for an official visit, marking a significant development for the Trojans.

USC’s pursuit of Dybantsa is generating significant buzz, especially considering his unique status as a 2026 recruit who recently reclassified to play a year ahead. Despite being younger than most in his class, Dybantsa has maintained his position as the top prospect in 2025.

Hailing from Massachusetts, Dybantsa relocated to Napa Valley to attend Prolific Prep, a move aimed at exposing him to a national schedule and top-tier competition from across the country. Dybantsa’s talent on the court is undeniable, characterized by exceptional fluidity, particularly in transition—a rare trait for such a young prospect.

What sets Dybantsa apart is his versatility, a quality not often seen in players of his age. On the offensive end, he demonstrates a methodical and poised approach, avoiding the common pitfalls of haste and impatience.

Should USC manage to secure Dybantsa’s commitment, it could mark a turning point for their basketball program. The prospect of having him on the team positions Dybantsa as one of the most promising recruits since the days of O.J. Mayo.

USC’s basketball program has been making waves, and with the potential addition of AJ Dybantsa, the Trojans may be on the verge of a new era, challenging the established order in college basketball. This development has the potential to reshape the landscape not just for USC but for the sport as a whole. College basketball enthusiasts eagerly await Dybantsa’s decision, recognizing the significance of this potential game-changer in the making.

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