USC Trojans’ Playoff Hopes Hang by a Thread After Notre Dame Loss

After a disappointing defeat, USC faces an uphill battle in their quest for a College Football Playoff spot.

The USC Trojans’ hopes for a College Football Playoff spot are in jeopardy after their recent loss to Notre Dame, setting the stage for a challenging road ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • USC’s preseason playoff aspirations have been put into question following recent underwhelming performances.
  • With four top 25 opponents remaining on their schedule, USC faces an uphill battle to secure a playoff spot or Pac-12 championship berth.
  • Despite an easy start to the season, USC’s path has become more challenging after their first loss.

In a season filled with high expectations, the USC Trojans have found themselves facing a daunting challenge after a disappointing loss to Notre Dame. The Trojans were not only considered favorites to win the Pac-12 but also strong contenders for the 2023 College Football Playoff. However, recent performances have raised serious doubts about their playoff prospects.

Over the past three games against Arizona State, Colorado, and Arizona, USC failed to live up to its potential as they struggled to dominate Pac-12 opponents they were expected to handily beat. These lackluster performances cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Trojans’ playoff ambitions.

Heading into the matchup against Notre Dame, USC knew that a victory was essential to keep their playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately, they fell short in this critical game. Now, the road ahead doesn’t get any easier for the Trojans.

Looking at the remaining schedule, USC faces the formidable challenge of taking on four top 25 teams out of their five remaining opponents. Securing a playoff spot or earning a place in the Pac-12 championship now seems like a daunting task that will require the Trojans to win out.

Over the next five weeks, USC will go head-to-head with Utah, Cal, Washington, Oregon, and UCLA. While USC may be favorites against Washington, UCLA, and Utah at home, all of these teams have a realistic shot at reaching the Pac-12 championship game.

While the Trojans experienced their first loss of the season, it’s worth noting that their schedule is about to get significantly more challenging. Despite a relatively easy start to the season, USC’s path to the College Football Playoff has become fraught with obstacles, making every remaining game crucial to their playoff aspirations.

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