Brandon Lockhart’s Dream School USC in Prime Position for Football Recruitment

LA Native and Football Prodigy Brandon Lockhart Reveals USC as Top Choice

In the highly competitive world of college football recruitment, one name has been making waves: Brandon Lockhart. Coaches from prestigious programs like Auburn, Tennessee, Penn State, Oregon, and the USC Trojans have all set their sights on this promising talent. But what sets Lockhart apart? We caught up with the LA native to uncover the key factors behind his recruitment and his dreams of playing for USC.

Key Takeaways:

  • USC holds a special place in Brandon Lockhart’s heart, as it was his dream school since childhood, and his mother is an alumna of the university.
  • Lockhart also has a strong affinity for Michigan, inspired by their tenacious defense, where his older sister currently attends.
  • Among the schools vying for his attention, Oregon and USC have been the most active in their recruitment efforts.
  • Lockhart is currently focused on improving his press-man coverage skills and maintaining fluid hip movement as he progresses into his junior season.

Brandon Lockhart’s journey to becoming a sought-after recruit has been nothing short of remarkable. With multiple high-profile colleges vying for his commitment, Lockhart’s passion and dedication to the game of football are evident to all who have followed his journey.

For Lockhart, USC stands out as the perfect destination to continue his football career. His connection to the university runs deep, as he shared, “USC was my dream school growing up, the same school from which my mother graduated. That always played a big role in my life.” The Trojans hold a special place in his heart, and his family ties only solidify his affinity for the program.

“Many coaches they like the way I play and I think my length. My length is a big benefit when it comes to being a DB. But also just my mindset and my effort that I show on the field. It shows you how hard a player will work and how they can impact a team. In my opinion, that’s the reason I’m being so highly recruited. It’s because of my effort that I show towards this game”.

In addition to USC, Lockhart has always had an eye on Michigan, inspired by the Wolverines’ hard-hitting defense. “Also, Michigan, just growing up, I liked seeing how hard their defenses played,” Lockhart noted. With family connections to both USC and Michigan, he has a wealth of football traditions to draw inspiration from.

When it comes to recruitment, Lockhart revealed that Oregon and USC have been the most proactive in their pursuit. “Those two have really been on my radar. They have been contacting me, I’d say, weekly. And they’re really keeping me updated on how things are going, asking me how things are going, inviting me out to the games,” he said. However, he confirmed that his strongest relationship currently lies with USC.

“Knowing that I’ve been around the team more and the coaches more. Oregon, I’ve only been up there two times. Only have had limited times to connect with the coaches”.

As Lockhart looks ahead to his junior season, he recognizes the areas he wants to enhance. “Mainly my press-man,” Lockhart emphasized when discussing his goals for the upcoming season. “I think I’ve been working on that a lot. And just keeping my hips fluid, stretching a lot, I think that’s going to help me in the long run.” Lockhart’s dedication to self-improvement is a testament to his drive to excel on the football field.

As his recruitment journey unfolds, will stay in close touch with Brandon Lockhart, tracking his progress and following his path to potentially becoming a USC Trojan, fulfilling his childhood dream of representing the cardinal and gold.

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