USC Trojans Face Stiff Backcourt Competition in the 2023-2024 NCAA Basketball Season

Star-studded roster and formidable opponents set the stage for an intense season.

The 2023-2024 men’s college basketball season promises to be an exciting one for USC with a stellar roster, including 5-star recruit Isaiah Collier and All-Pac-12 returner Boogie Ellis. However, formidable competition from other powerhouse programs raises questions about USC’s potential championship run.

Key Takeaways:

  • USC boasts a strong roster for the upcoming season, headlined by top recruit Isaiah Collier and key returners like Boogie Ellis and Kobe Johnson.
  • Several other NCAA teams, including UConn, Kansas, Duke, and Michigan State, have formidable backcourt duos that could challenge USC.
  • USC’s success will depend on factors like team chemistry, coaching, and big-game performance.

The 2023-2024 men’s college basketball season is on the horizon, and the USC Trojans are generating plenty of buzz. With a star-studded roster that includes top-ranked recruit Isaiah Collier and the return of All-Pac-12 player Boogie Ellis, expectations are high for USC’s prospects in the Enfield era.

Boogie Ellis, at media day, expressed optimism about the team’s potential, stating, “And frankly, he definitely has an argument to make here. Bringing a top-ranked recruit to a backcourt that was already among the nation’s best might tip USC over the edge.”

However, the road to success in the NCAA is never easy, and USC faces some stiff competition this season. Here are four backcourt duos from rival programs that could pose a challenge to the Trojans:

Stephon Castle and Tristen Newton, University of Connecticut: Castle and Newton form a new dynamic duo for UConn, boasting impressive size and elite two-way play. Castle, a 5-star recruit, and Newton, a former starting point guard for a national championship-winning team, provide the Huskies with a formidable backcourt.

Dajuan Harris Jr. and Kevin McCullar Jr., University of Kansas: Harris and McCullar are known for their defensive prowess, with Harris earning Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year honors. Their combination of speed, size, and physicality makes them a force to be reckoned with in the Big 12.

Tyrese Proctor and Jeremy Roach, Duke: Duke’s backcourt, led by Proctor’s stellar defensive skills, is poised to produce two potential first-round NBA draft picks. Roach brings experience to the team, and the Blue Devils have a strong supporting cast in the competitive ACC.

Tyson Walker and A.J. Hoggard, Michigan State: Walker and Hoggard played crucial roles in Michigan State’s surprising March Madness run last year. Their scoring ability and chemistry make them a formidable duo, leading Tom Izzo’s squad in the Big Ten.

While the competition in the NCAA is undeniably tough, USC has the talent to compete. The key question is whether they can harness that talent and overcome challenges in terms of chemistry, coaching, and performing in high-pressure situations. If they can, the Trojans have the potential to be legitimate national championship contenders, rather than making early exits as they have in recent years.

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