5-Star Running Back Harlem Berry Reveals Top 5 Choices, Including USC

Harlem Berry, the No. 1 running back in the class of 2025, narrows down his options to five schools, with USC in the mix.

In an exciting development for USC Trojans fans, 5-star running back Harlem Berry, a standout talent from Louisiana, has recently disclosed his top five college choices for the class of 2025. This elite prospect, ranked as the nation’s top running back by 247Sports composite, has placed USC alongside LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida in his list of potential destinations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harlem Berry, a 5-star running back, narrows down his college choices to five schools, including USC.
  • LSU, known for recruiting in-state talent, presents a formidable competition for USC.
  • Berry’s remarkable speed and versatility make him a coveted prospect for USC’s football program.

Harlem Berry’s emergence on the recruiting scene has garnered significant attention, and his potential addition to the Trojan program could be a game-changer. Standing at 5’11” and hailing from Louisiana, Berry not only holds the distinction of being the top running back in his class but also ranks 11th nationally and first in his home state. His exceptional skill set has caught the eye of college football enthusiasts and experts alike.

One of the biggest challenges USC faces in securing Berry’s commitment is the presence of LSU, a powerhouse in recruiting local talent. The Louisiana-based university, led by coach Brian Kelly, has a proven track record of nurturing in-state talents who later become NFL stars and champions. Names like Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson serve as testament to LSU’s prowess in this regard.

However, what makes Harlem Berry an attractive prospect for USC is his exceptional speed. In May 2023, he clinched the Louisiana 1A 100-meter state championship with a lightning-fast time of 10.57 seconds and secured a second-place finish in the 200 meters with 21.43 seconds. His prowess extends to the track and field, where he impressively ranked eighth in the state for the long jump.

In a football landscape that increasingly values speed, the potential addition of Harlem Berry to the Trojans could be transformative. USC’s head coach, Lincoln Riley, has a history of utilizing speedsters effectively. Notably, he worked with Marquise Brown, who was selected in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft after playing under Riley at Oklahoma. With the likes of Zachariah Branch already in the USC ranks, Berry’s speed could further elevate the Trojan offense.

Harlem Berry is undoubtedly a high-caliber prospect, and his decision will be closely monitored by USC and college football enthusiasts. If he chooses to join the Trojans, his well-rounded skill set and exceptional speed could make him a pivotal addition to the team, especially in the post-Caleb Williams era.

In conclusion, the USC Trojans find themselves in the running for Harlem Berry, the dynamic 5-star running back, alongside other prestigious programs. His decision will not only impact the Trojans’ future but also serve as a testament to the school’s ability to attract top-tier talent in college football. USC fans eagerly await the outcome of this high-stakes recruitment battle.

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