USC Survives Upset Scare in Double Overtime Thriller Against Arizona

The Trojans narrowly escape unranked Arizona, setting the stage for a crucial showdown with Notre Dame.

In a heart-stopping clash at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the ninth-ranked USC Trojans narrowly avoided an upset as they outlasted the unranked Arizona Wildcats in double overtime, securing a thrilling 43-41 victory. This nail-biting win, dubbed the “Escape of the Week” by Bleacher Report’s David Kenyon, had fans on the edge of their seats and raised questions about the Trojans’ standing in the Pac-12.

Key Takeaways:

  • USC’s narrow victory over Arizona follows a trend of close games, as they previously edged out Arizona State despite being heavy favorites.
  • The Trojans’ inability to dominate unranked teams has led to concerns about their competitiveness against top Pac-12 teams.
  • USC faces a critical test against Notre Dame, where they aim to prove their College Football Playoff potential.

Despite being favored by multiple scores, USC found themselves in a tight contest against Arizona, echoing their earlier matchup against Arizona State. In week four, the Trojans narrowly defeated Arizona State, defying a point spread of 34.5. This recent win over Arizona, though exciting, has raised eyebrows and cast doubt on USC’s ability to convincingly triumph over unranked opponents.

USC’s ongoing struggles against seemingly weaker teams have fueled skepticism from various media outlets. Heading into Week 6, critics questioned whether the Trojans possess the necessary qualities to compete with the top-tier teams in the Pac-12. The Trojans’ performance against Notre Dame this weekend takes on added significance as they attempt to prove their mettle against a ranked opponent.

Opening as 2.5-point underdogs on the road against Notre Dame, USC faces a formidable challenge. However, this matchup provides the Trojans with a golden opportunity to demonstrate their capacity to contend for a coveted College Football Playoff spot. USC hopes to leave behind the uncertainty of their recent performances and embark on a path toward redemption against more formidable adversaries.

As the Trojans prepare for the Notre Dame showdown, they are aware that their ability to control games against unranked teams must improve. The USC faithful eagerly await this pivotal contest, hoping it will serve as a turning point in a season filled with uncertainty and close calls. Only time will tell if the Trojans can rise to the occasion and reclaim their status as contenders in the Pac-12.

Gary Lee

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