USC Trojans Defense Struggles Threaten Undefeated Streak

USC's undefeated record is in jeopardy as their defense struggles persist, raising concerns about their championship aspirations.

In recent weeks, the USC Trojans’ defense has come under increasing scrutiny, and their issues may be catching up with them. The team narrowly escaped a potential upset this weekend, highlighting the persistent concerns regarding their defensive performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite being undefeated, doubts linger about USC’s standing as a top-tier team due to their shaky defense.
  • USC believes in a late-game defensive resurgence, but inconsistency has forced them to grind out victories.
  • The Trojans face a challenging schedule ahead, making defensive improvement imperative for championship aspirations.

The USC Trojans’ undefeated record may paint a rosy picture, but beneath the surface, concerns about their defense are festering. This weekend, they narrowly avoided a shocking defeat that would have dented their perfect record. The team’s defensive struggles have now become impossible to ignore.

“Confidence level in this team is very low,” admits an insider. “Many don’t believe they are a top team, and the issues on defense are real. It will likely cost them at some point this season.”

While the Trojans have a theory that their defensive unit gets better as the game progresses, the results have been far from consistent. This inconsistency has forced the Trojans into nail-biting battles to secure wins. Despite maintaining an unblemished record thus far, their schedule is about to become a daunting obstacle course.

“Better with time? Riley repeats it. Players have bought into it. USC’s social media pages promote it. USC’s newest motto.”

Per Thuc Nhi Nguyen of The LA Times

If the Trojans hope to contend for a National Championship, they must address their defensive shortcomings urgently. Winning games in high-scoring shootouts is not a sustainable strategy. Eventually, even the most potent offenses have off nights, and when that happens, relying on defense will be critical.

The Trojans may be fortunate to maintain their current record, but luck has a tendency to run out. As the season progresses and the competition stiffens, USC must tighten up its defense to maintain its championship dreams alive. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, and it remains to be seen if they can overcome their defensive woes.

“The defense preaches ‘the longer we go, the better we get,’ ” said safety Calen Bullock, who delivered a critical pass breakup on a two-point conversion attempt during the second overtime. “We preach that every single day. I think the defense went out there and showed that.”

Per Calen Bullock via The LA Times

In summary, USC’s undefeated streak is in jeopardy due to ongoing defensive struggles. While they have managed to escape with victories so far, their confidence is waning, and tougher opponents loom on the horizon. Improving their defense is imperative if they wish to contend for a National Championship.

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