USC Football: Top JUCO Prospect Sione Laulea to Announce Decision

The USC Trojans await the decision of 2024 cornerback prospect Sione Laulea, who will choose between USC, Miami, and Oregon this Sunday.

In the midst of their 2023 season, USC’s recruiting cycle may seem dormant, but it’s far from lifeless. The anticipation is palpable as the Trojans await a pivotal moment that could shape their future on the gridiron.

On the horizon is the imminent decision of Sione Laulea, the number one JUCO prospect for the 2024 cornerback class. In a high-stakes showdown, USC competes against two formidable rivals: the University of Miami and Oregon. The outcome of this showdown will be unveiled live on the 247Sports YouTube Channel at 6:45 pm PT this Sunday.

Sione Laulea’s football journey has led him to the College of San Mateo, where he currently showcases his exceptional skills. During mid-June, he embarked on an official visit to USC, marking a significant step in his decision-making process. With a staggering 25 offers to his name, the cornerback has meticulously narrowed his choices down to three, with USC emerging as a promising contender to secure the services of the fourth-ranked JUCO player nationwide.

Standing tall at an imposing 6’4 and weighing 185 pounds, Sione Laulea reigns supreme as both the top prospect in his position and the preeminent player in the state. The implications of his decision are monumental, with the potential to reshape USC’s 2024 recruiting class in profound ways. As the clock ticks down, Trojans fans hold their collective breath, hoping that the talented cornerback will choose to remain in California and become a crucial asset to the team’s future success.

Gary Lee

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