USC Trojans’ Defense Faces Challenges Despite Weekend Win Over Arizona State

Questions Arise as Defense Allows 28 Points in Victory

The USC Trojans football team entered the new college football season with a renewed focus on improving their defense. The defensive unit had proven to be a weakness in the past, and the Trojans were determined to address this issue.

Weeks of hard work and preparation seemed to pay off initially, as the Trojans’ defense displayed a noticeable improvement. However, as they reached the fourth week of the season, concerns began to resurface.

In their recent clash against Arizona State, the Trojans secured a hard-fought victory on the road. While the win was a positive outcome, their defense showed vulnerabilities by allowing 28 points to the Sun Devils. At times, the Trojans’ defense appeared to struggle, raising doubts about their overall performance.

“Chief among them is how their defense will hold up against those contenders, when it struggled at times to stop the Sun Devils, who hadn’t scored in six quarters coming into Saturday and were down to their third-string quarterback.”.

Per Ryan Kartje of The LA Times

To their credit, the Trojans’ defensive unit did step up during crucial moments in the game. Nevertheless, lingering questions remain. Although no one expected the Trojans to transform into a defensive powerhouse overnight, facing challenges against a team like Arizona State was unexpected for many observers.

“We want the hard games,” linebacker Tackett Curtis said. “Nobody wants just the easy win — that’s what we live for, the hard games. We live for the pressure.”

Per The LA Times

Analyzing this game provides valuable lessons for the Trojans as they move forward in the season. It is evident that improvements are necessary for the team to achieve its ultimate goal of winning a National Championship. The Trojans’ schedule will only become more demanding as the season progresses, leaving them with limited time to make corrections.

“That won’t fly against better Pac-12 offenses, starting next week in Colorado, where USC will face an explosive group that was just embarrassed on a national stage by the Ducks and will no doubt be out to prove itself again. The schedule doesn’t let up after that, either.”

Per Ryan Kartje of The LA Times

Looking ahead, the Trojans face another formidable test as they travel to Boulder to take on the Colorado Buffalos in a highly anticipated matchup. The outcome of this game will undoubtedly provide further insights into the state of the Trojans’ defense.

In conclusion, despite securing a road conference victory with a two-touchdown margin, the USC Trojans’ defense faces challenges that demand attention. The team’s aspirations of winning a National Championship hinge on their ability to enhance their defensive performance. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on the Trojans to see if they can rise to the occasion and address their defensive concerns.

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