USC Trojans Prepare for Clash with Colorado Buffalos Despite Recent Loss

USC Trojans gear up to face the Colorado Buffalos in a highly anticipated showdown, despite Colorado's recent loss.

Despite the USC Trojans remaining undefeated, the upcoming showdown with the Colorado Buffalos has left some fans less excited due to the Buffalos’ recent loss. The hope was for both teams to enter the matchup undefeated, but Colorado suffered a devastating defeat over the weekend.

Nevertheless, TV networks continue to generate excitement for this game. The allure of the Trojans facing off against head coach Deion Sanders on the road is undeniable. Typically, when a team faces a crushing defeat, such as the Buffalos did against the Oregon Ducks, they respond with determination and pride. The Trojans must remain vigilant throughout the entire game.

Over the weekend, the Trojans’ defense displayed some vulnerabilities against Arizona State, which raises concerns. If they cannot effectively stop the Buffalos in this game, USC may find themselves in a tight spot early on.

“Fox did not let Colorado’s lopsided loss keep it from running promos later in the day calling next week’s USC game “the biggest game of the year.” Not sure about that, but it will certainly be a spectacle. It will be Heisman winner Caleb Williams’ most visible game to date. And CU’s offense may rebound fairly quickly, because the Trojans’ defense is still a bit of a hot mess.”

Per Stewart Mandel of The Athletic

It is crucial for the Trojans not to underestimate the Buffalos. USC should approach this game with the mindset that Colorado is still undefeated and a formidable opponent. With focus and determination, they should be capable of defeating Colorado, even on the road.

The recent game between the Buffalos and the Ducks revealed significant weaknesses in Colorado’s gameplay. USC is expected to closely analyze how the Ducks dismantled Colorado. Fans can anticipate an exciting matchup this weekend, set to kick off at 9 a.m. PT on Saturday morning.

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