Caleb Williams’ Heisman Hopes Shaken After USC’s Win Against Arizona State

Critics Still Skeptical of Williams' Quarterback Prowess Despite Stellar Performance

Even though he strengthened his Heisman campaign with a remarkable display against Arizona State on Saturday, doubts about Caleb Williams’ potential as a top-tier quarterback persist among Arizona’s journalists.

USC secured a convincing 42-28 victory in Tempe, but some individuals are still unimpressed with Williams’ performance.

Williams completed 20 out of 31 passes for an impressive 322 yards and notched five touchdowns during Saturday’s triumph. Nonetheless, the Arizona Republic’s Greg Moore offered some constructive criticism aimed at the former Heisman winner.

Moore’s critiques took into account ASU’s performance in their previous three games, and he was not shy about sharing his grievances regarding Williams. Following ASU’s disheartening loss to Fresno State the week before, Moore had anticipated a superior showing from a team of USC’s caliber.

This is the same ASU that barely got past Southern Utah, fell apart in the second half against Oklahoma State and was utterly embarrassed by Fresno State.

Williams should have had 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns by halftime.

(Via Arizona Republic)

However, ASU’s recent struggles are not the sole basis for Moore’s doubts about Williams.

In fact, Moore predominantly attributes USC’s offensive errors to the quarterback, even spotlighting the moment when Williams received a snap below the belt, which went viral.

Moore was notably convinced that Williams’ “subpar performance” was fueled by a desire to signal to the Arizona Cardinals that he had no intention of being drafted by them.

Even his first touchdown run was evidence that Williams was tanking his shot to be the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft for fear that he might get picked by the Arizona Cardinals.

Williams ran, dived for the pylon and barely broke the plane of the goal line. (Kyler Murray would have turbo-buttoned his way around the defense for an easy walk-in score.)

(Via Arizona Republic)

No matter how spectacularly Caleb Williams performs on the field, critics seem unyielding in their assessments of the young quarterback’s capabilities.

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