USC Trojans Face Critical Challenges Ahead in Their Quest for College Football Playoff

USC's Unfinished Business and the Tough Road Ahead

Entering the season, USC Trojans are determined to complete what they started last year, aiming to secure their spot in the College Football Playoff. After narrowly missing out on the playoffs last season, they have a strong desire to settle the unfinished business.

As the Trojans begin their campaign, they’ve displayed championship potential in their initial games. However, their relatively easy schedule thus far doesn’t accurately reflect the challenges that lie ahead. The upcoming matchups promise to be more demanding, testing their mettle against elite teams. Scott Wolf of InsideUSC provides an insightful breakdown of the Trojans’ upcoming schedule.

In the realm of college football, a single loss can significantly impact a team’s entire season, determining its fate. This unforgiving reality underscores the urgency for the Trojans to coalesce and deliver their best performance when it matters most.

“But the schedule has an odd look to it because the five best teams — Notre Dame, Utah, Washington, Oregon and UCLA — come in the final six games. Maybe it matters because a late loss hurts more for College Football Playoff purposes.”

Per Scott Wolf of InsideUSC

The Trojans’ first substantial challenge is on the horizon, just two weeks away, when they travel to Boulder for a clash with the formidable Colorado Buffalos. Colorado has surged in the rankings this season, with much anticipation surrounding new head coach Deion Sanders’ leadership. The Buffalos are eager to topple USC, and the Trojans must remain vigilant and focused, leaving no room for complacency. Overlooking any team on their schedule is a luxury they cannot afford if they aspire to secure a coveted spot in the College Football Playoff.

“But it created an unbalanced schedule that will either see USC successfully run the gauntlet or you could get a situation where USC loses an extra game simply from the grueling nature of the second half of the season.”

Per Scott Wolf of InsideUSC

For USC, every week brings a fresh obstacle, and they must approach each game with unwavering determination. Failure to do so could result in regret as they look back and wonder how they faltered on their path to glory.

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