Heisman Trophy Race Heats Up: USC’s Caleb Williams vs. Texas’ Quinn Ewers

The 2023 Heisman Trophy race intensifies as Caleb Williams and Quinn Ewers vie for the prestigious award.

This year, USC Trojans’ quarterback, Caleb Williams, is on the verge of achieving what no player has accomplished in nearly half a century: clinching the Heisman Trophy in consecutive seasons. With only one player having achieved multiple Heisman wins, Williams aims to etch his name alongside the legends of the game.

As the season unfolds, Williams continues to demonstrate his exceptional skills. Nevertheless, fresh challenges invariably arise, posing a formidable obstacle to the reigning champion.

In the initial weeks of the season, one of the most substantial challenges to Williams’ Heisman aspirations emerges in the form of Quinn Ewers from the University of Texas. While Ewers’ skillset was never in doubt, concerns lingered about whether his team could maintain its overall success.

The Longhorns silenced a multitude of skeptics when they triumphed over Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This pivotal victory could well serve as the cornerstone of a future Heisman-winning campaign. Ewers dismantled the Crimson Tide’s defense, amassing an impressive 349 yards and three touchdowns. History shows that anyone who has triumphed over Alabama has gained a significant edge in the Heisman race.

So far this season, Ewers has amassed 609 passing yards and six touchdowns in just two games.

In stark contrast, Williams has accumulated 878 passing yards and 12 touchdowns across three games.

While both players are undoubtedly deserving of the prestigious Heisman Trophy, Ewers appears poised to claim the honor should their impressive performances persist. Presently, Ewers holds the upper hand due to his victory over Alabama.

The reason no player has clinched the Heisman in consecutive seasons is evident: the constant influx of new talent and voter fatigue. This phenomenon is not unique to college football; it plagues other sports as well.

Winning a Heisman once is challenging enough, but securing a second seems almost like an unattainable dream. Williams has shown exceptional form thus far, but the road ahead promises to be anything but straightforward.

Gary Lee

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