USC Trojans’ Dominant Win Against Stanford Cardinal Highlights Their Strength

USC's impressive victory raises questions about their conference dominance and future prospects.

In an electrifying weekend showdown, the USC Trojans displayed their prowess by defeating the Stanford Cardinal, further solidifying their undefeated 3-0 season. The Trojans’ exceptional performance left spectators in awe, sparking excitement among the USC faithful. This game underscored the type of performance fans yearn to witness from their team week in and week out.

Nonetheless, amidst the jubilation, one college football writer, David Kenyon of Bleacher Report, expressed disappointment as the final annual match between USC and Stanford concluded. USC is set to join the Big 10 next season, making this the end of an era. While Kenyon’s sentiment reflects a lackluster final game, it also highlights a compelling argument for USC’s transition to a different conference. The ease with which they dominated a conference opponent like Stanford is a testament to their superiority. USC has clearly outclassed Stanford, and while the game may have been a one-sided affair, it serves as a testament to USC’s exceptional performance this season.

From the very outset, USC seized control of the game, and for the second consecutive week, they exhibited immense potential. The defense once again shone brightly, while quarterback Caleb Williams showcased the skills befitting a reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Regardless of the game’s closeness, it carried substantial significance for the Trojans. They initiated their conference play with a resounding victory, keeping their hopes of an undefeated season alive.

“Because of conference realignment, Stanford and USC—one of the oldest rivalries in the sport—will no longer be played annually in 2024 and beyond. And the last matchup was a dud. Stanford entered as a four-touchdown underdog, sure. But the Trojans almost covered the line in a 21-point first quarter.”

Per David Kenyon of Bleacher Report

The Trojans’ performance against Stanford has sparked discussions across the college football landscape. Many are now questioning whether USC’s dominance is a sign of their readiness for a new conference challenge. This victory raises the intriguing prospect of what awaits USC in the Big 10.

“By halftime, USC owned a 49-3 advantage. Caleb Williams threw for 312 yards and three touchdowns and scampered 21 yards for a fourth score. For the second week in a row, he didn’t play in the second half. Most remarkably, Stanford’s new-look offense could hardly connect on a pass. Ashton Daniels and Justin Lamson combined to complete just 10 of their 25 attempts for 140 yards. USC improved to 3-0 in the 56-10 laugher.”

Per David Kenyon of Bleacher Report

As USC’s season unfolds, the team’s potential remains a topic of intense speculation. With each game, they continue to make their case as a force to be reckoned with in the world of college football. Their commanding win against Stanford has not only delighted their fans but also ignited conversations about their future in a new conference. USC’s journey is far from over, and their next steps will undoubtedly be closely watched by football enthusiasts nationwide.

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