USC Trojans Secure Dominant 56-10 Victory Over Stanford Cardinal in Historic Rivalry

Caleb Williams Shines as USC Ends Pac-12 Era with Convincing Win

In a resounding display of skill and dominance, the USC Trojans claimed a commanding 56-10 victory over the Stanford Cardinal. The victory further solidified Caleb Williams‘ status as a leading contender for his second Heisman Trophy. Additionally, the Trojans’ defense, once considered vulnerable, exhibited remarkable resilience by generating three turnovers and recording nine tackles for loss.

The USC Trojans are gearing up for a significant change next season as they prepare to enter the Big Ten Conference. Consequently, Saturday’s matchup held significant historical importance as it marked the final showdown between these two formidable opponents in their capacity as Pac-12 adversaries. This contest bore witness to the culmination of a rivalry that has spanned over a century.

Having squared off in more than a hundred meetings, the USC Trojans maintain a notable advantage in the all-time series, having secured victory in 64 of their encounters, with three official ties. The rivalry’s inception saw Stanford emerge victorious with a score of 16-0. However, USC subsequently embarked on an astonishing four-year unbeaten streak.

“We’re proud of taking advantage of the moment, in that this is potentially the last SC-Stanford game for a while,” Riley said. “This was a series that we talked with the team a lot last year. This was a series that in recent years had went a little bit of a different way. I’m really, big-picture, proud to be able to get the final last two (meetings) here. It was important for us to seize the moment and opportunity.”

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In recent years, the battles between the Trojans and the Cardinal have been evenly matched. Although USC has emerged victorious in their last two meetings with Stanford, the series has remained closely contested since the turn of the millennium. Over the course of 25 matchups, including two in the Pac-12 Championship game, USC has maintained a slight edge over Stanford by a mere game. While the possibility of these two storied programs crossing paths again in the future cannot be ruled out, the game played last night undeniably signifies the conclusion of an illustrious rivalry that has spanned generations.

The USC Trojans’ triumph over the Stanford Cardinal was a fitting farewell to their Pac-12 rivalry, marking the end of an era in collegiate football. Caleb Williams’ outstanding performance and the Trojans’ resurgent defense were the highlights of this historic matchup. As USC embarks on its journey to the Big Ten Conference, the memories of their encounters with Stanford in the Pac-12 will continue to echo in the annals of college football history.

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