USC Trojans’ Move to Big-10 Conference: Exciting Future Matchups Await

USC Trojans' shift to Big-10 promises thrilling rivalries and College Football Playoff potential

In a major development for USC Trojans football, the team is set to join the Big-10 Conference next season. This transition promises a future filled with exciting matchups against some of the nation’s top college football programs. The move offers a significant boost to USC’s recruitment efforts and raises the possibility of a College Football Playoff appearance. No longer constrained by the Pac-12, this decision marks a momentous step forward for the Trojans.

Renowned college football writer David Kenyon from Bleacher Report recently analyzed conference realignments across the country and highlighted some of the most anticipated future matchups. Among these, USC stands out as a marquee contender. Both the Trojans and the Buckeyes boast storied histories, making their encounters consistently among the season’s most thrilling games.

The rich football legacies of both schools make them natural candidates for a new, high-stakes rivalry. Fans of USC and Ohio State will eagerly mark their calendars each season, eagerly awaiting this highly anticipated clash.

“On the other hand, you cannot tell the history of the sport without mentioning Ohio State, USC and the Rose Bowl. Sixteen times has Ohio State made the prestigious bowl; in seven of those contests, the Buckeyes took on USC.”

Per David Kenyon of Bleacher Report

As these two football powerhouses meet regularly, a budding rivalry is sure to emerge as one of the sport’s most captivating storylines. USC’s potential ascent to greatness hinges on its ability to achieve consistent success against formidable opponents like Ohio State. The Trojans’ foray into the Big-10 opens the door to an era of football excitement, where traditional matchups become must-see events, and the pursuit of excellence in the College Football Playoff intensifies.

This move not only elevates the Trojans’ football program but also injects a new level of competitiveness into the Big-10 Conference. USC’s journey into this football powerhouse will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of college football, providing fans with unforgettable moments and thrilling rivalries for seasons to come.

“But since that seventh Rose Bowl clash in 1985, the programs have played only a pair of home-and-homes and the 2017 Cotton Bowl. Soon enough, they’ll regularly meet as Big Ten adversaries.”

Per David Kenyon of Bleacher Report

In summary, USC Trojans’ transition to the Big-10 Conference holds immense promise for the future of college football. The prospect of renewed rivalries, high-stakes matchups, and the pursuit of a coveted College Football Playoff spot creates an exciting narrative that fans across the nation will eagerly follow. USC’s bold move signals a new era in their football journey, where the Trojans aim to conquer new heights and solidify their status as a college football powerhouse.

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