USC Trojans’ Bright Future in Big-10 Conference Excites Recruits

Lincoln Riley's Recruitment Success Continues to Shine

As head coach Lincoln Riley leads the USC Trojans, the future of recruiting at the university is looking brighter than ever. Riley’s exceptional ability to attract top-tier prospects makes USC stand out nationally, and the Trojans have already reaped the rewards of his talent acquisition prowess.

However, a significant development is on the horizon that could amplify USC’s recruiting game to unprecedented heights. The Trojans are set to make a monumental shift, transitioning to the Big-10 conference in the upcoming season. This move brings a whole new dimension to the USC recruiting strategy, as it provides potential recruits with an enticing proposition – the opportunity to participate in some of the most high-profile college football games while maintaining Southern California as their home base.

This strategic shift promises to be a game-changer in USC’s recruiting tactics, and Lincoln Riley is poised to work his magic to its fullest potential. Nevertheless, amidst the excitement of these prospects, Coach Riley remains committed to nurturing local talent, ensuring that the Trojans continue to shine on the national stage.

“We have a bye week coming, so I think that’s when I’m going up there for a game,“ said Wyatt.


One promising talent on USC’s radar is Nasir Wyatt, a highly-rated four-star pass rusher hailing from Mater Dei. Wyatt’s interest in USC is palpable, as he plans to visit the university in the near future. While his potential signing would not materialize until 2025, this initial step represents a significant victory for the Trojans’ recruitment efforts.

For USC, the tradition of securing homegrown talent has been a cornerstone of their football program’s success. Coach Riley deeply understands the importance of tapping into this wellspring of local talent and has consistently focused on nurturing it. Nasir Wyatt, should he choose USC, could become a pivotal asset for the Trojans’ defense.

“Wyatt has another two years before he signs a letter of intent, but this year will be crucial for USC to create inroads at Mater Dei.”

Per Gerard Martinez of

Selling USC’s appeal to prospective recruits may seem like the easy part of the equation. However, the real challenge lies in convincing these talents to wholeheartedly commit to the program. Fortunately for the Trojans, they have Lincoln Riley at the helm, a leader who commands respect and inspires trust among recruits. With Riley’s guidance, USC’s future on the recruitment front appears exceedingly promising.

“(USC) has the hometown connections with Mater Dei,” said Wyatt. “With Lincoln Riley there, he tells me he wants to do the same things with me as he did with Raleek Brown, but on defense.”


In summary, the USC Trojans, under the leadership of Coach Lincoln Riley, are entering an exciting new era with their move to the Big-10 conference. This transition not only enhances their appeal to potential recruits but also reinforces their commitment to nurturing local talent. As USC continues to evolve, it remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of college football recruitment.

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