USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Reveals Pregame Rituals for Success

From Snacks to Heisman Glory - Inside Caleb Williams' Winning Routine

Most athletes follow a pregame routine, and USC quarterback Caleb Williams is no different. On a recent episode of his podcast, “Almost Pro: USC Football,” Williams unveiled his pregame rituals, shedding light on his path to success on the football field.

For Williams, the pregame ritual journey starts the night before the big game. He begins by stocking up on snacks, ensuring he has the fuel he needs to perform at his best. From there, Williams takes a moment to relax and mentally prepare himself. He meticulously reviews his plays and notes from the week of practice, ensuring that he’s mentally sharp and fully in control of the game.

The following morning, Williams kicks off his game-day preparations with a rigorous workout session led by the Trojans’ strength and conditioning coach. This physical training helps him maintain peak physical condition, a crucial aspect of his pregame routine.

“I basically do two of everything,” Williams said. “I get two Uncrustables, two ham and cheese sandwiches — this is the night before the game — I get two DripDrops, I get two Popcorner chips, I get one tart cherry juice.”

(Via Almost Pro: USC Football)

However, Williams’ pregame rituals culminate during the coin toss, marking the final step in his elaborate routine. Whatever he does during these moments seems to be working wonders for him. Last season, Williams clinched the prestigious Heisman Trophy, cementing his status as one of college football’s top talents. In 2023, he’s already proving himself with an impressive performance, throwing nine touchdowns and amassing 597 passing yards in just two games.

“Right before we go out, before coin flip, I go eat some Trollis, most of the time at least, if they have Sour Patch Kids maybe … and then I’ll go listen to John Legend “Ordinary People” before we go whup up on some people.”

(Via Almost Pro: USC Football)

With his sights set on success, Williams and the Trojans are gearing up to face off against Stanford this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PDT. As they take the field, Williams’ pregame rituals will undoubtedly play a significant role in their pursuit of victory. Whether it’s the power of snacks or the mental focus he achieves through his routine, one thing is clear: Caleb Williams’ rituals are a vital part of his winning formula.

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