USC Trojans’ Redshirt Sophomore Tight End Lake McRee Aims for Breakout Season

McRee seeks to shine in USC's 2023 campaign despite facing tough competition

The USC Trojans have begun their 2023 season in impressive fashion, boasting a flawless 2-0 record, instilling hope in their fans for a championship-worthy year. While the Trojans are yet to face their most formidable opponents, there’s a palpable sense of optimism enveloping the team. Amidst this early-season success, one player, in particular, is striving to find his place in the spotlight – redshirt sophomore tight end, Lake McRee.

McRee currently plays second fiddle to Jude Wolfe at the tight end position and hasn’t enjoyed as much time on the field as he may have aspired to. In the first two games of the season, his stats show just four receptions for a total of 46 yards. Despite this, key figures within the USC program, including head coach Lincoln Riley, hold unwavering faith in McRee’s potential.

Coach Riley’s endorsement of McRee underscores the young player’s talent and relentless work ethic, as he envisions an impending breakout season for the budding tight end. Although Lake McRee’s performance in the 2023 season hasn’t yet ignited the field as explosively as he might have wished, he remains steadfast in his determination to secure a more prominent role on the team. Last season, McRee started only two games but still managed to accumulate an impressive 106 yards and two touchdowns, providing a tantalizing glimpse of his untapped potential.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that USC possesses a plethora of offensive weapons, creating a fiercely competitive environment. Nevertheless, Coach Riley’s unwavering confidence in McRee’s abilities and his anticipation of a breakout year provide compelling reasons to believe that Lake McRee’s time to shine is on the horizon. As the Trojans brace for more formidable challenges in the coming games, Lake McRee could very well emerge as one of the pivotal players primed to make a significant impact.

“He is physically so much further ahead than he was 12 months ago. He’s really locked into what we’re doing; I think, as a staff, we trust him. I know Caleb, and the quarterbacks trust him. I think he’ll continue to be bigger and bigger part of our offense, just like he’s trended from last year on. I think he’s primed to have a very impactful year.”

In summary, the USC Trojans’ flawless start to the 2023 season has ignited hopes of championship glory. While Lake McRee’s initial performances may not have captured the headlines, the young tight end remains resolute in his pursuit of a standout season. With the unwavering support of Coach Riley and a burning desire to excel, McRee could play a pivotal role in USC’s quest for success in the upcoming challenges.

Gary Lee

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