USC Alumni Mobley Brothers Rally at Trojans’ Season Opener

NBA Stars Isaiah and Evan Mobley Witness USC's Triumph at Coliseum

The Trojans’ football team initiated their season with a triumphant win against the San Jose State’s Spartans. The occasion was made even more remarkable by the presence of numerous USC athletics alumni who gathered at the Coliseum to witness the spirited commencement of the season.

Amidst the distinguished guests at the event, two familiar faces drew attention as they enthusiastically cheered and stood side by side with their fellow Trojan comrades. These faces belonged to siblings Isaiah and Evan Mobley. As Caleb Williams commenced his Heisman defense with an outstanding start to his 2023 season, both Mobley siblings were part of the crowd, observing the quarterback and the rest of Lincoln Riley’s team securing their season opener victory.

The Mobley brothers weren’t the sole attendees from the basketball arena; numerous current members of the Trojan basketball squad also joined the festivities. Among them was the star recruit, Bronny James.

While the Mobley brothers had their share of time with the university, their NBA journeys have just set sail. Isaiah chose to extend his stay for another year, differing from his brother Evan’s path. After a stint with their G League team and being chosen in the second round of the draft, Isaiah joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. Evan, on the other hand, selected by the Cavs, has notably transformed the franchise’s dynamics after ascending the draft boards to become the third overall pick in the 2021 draft. Known for his defensive prowess and playing alongside his brother, Evan’s swift ascent has led the Cavaliers to pin significant portions of their future ambitions on him. This is particularly evident after his remarkable feat of being a finalist for the Defensive Player of the Year award in only his second complete NBA season.

Despite this not being their maiden appearance to support their alma mater, the game at the Coliseum was a sight to behold. After displaying their encouragement for the Trojans’ men’s basketball squad during their Greek exhibition tour, the Mobley brothers have sustained their tradition of offering their cheers to the university whenever an opportunity arises.

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