USC Trojans’ Caleb Williams and the Heisman Trophy: A Chance at History

Former Trojans Quarterback Matt Leinart Weighs In on Williams' Potential

The USC Trojans, famed for their rich football legacy, have witnessed an array of exceptional quarterbacks emerge from their ranks over the years. This distinguished tradition remains a source of pride for the Trojans, a legacy that carries forward steadfastly. Currently, the spotlight falls upon Caleb Williams, a quarterback of remarkable caliber, who is not only carving his own path but also evoking memories of his predecessors’ brilliance.

In an exclusive dialogue with Bleacher Report, former Trojans signal-caller Matt Leinart delved into the subject of Caleb Williams and his potential to etch his name into the annals of college football history. Leinart’s insights illuminate the audacious prospect of Williams achieving an unprecedented feat—securing the Heisman Trophy two years in succession, an accomplishment yet to be realized.

“It’s only happened once, but I think if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s him,” Leinart said of Williams’ chances at another Heisman. “I say that because of, one, the system and [head coach] Lincoln [Riley] and everything we know he can do with quarterbacks. Clearly, the resume speaks for itself.”

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Leinart himself is no stranger to the Heisman legacy; he clinched the esteemed award back in 2004, a testament to his prowess on the field. Despite his personal accomplishments, Leinart is contemplative about how his style of play might fare within the strategic confines of head coach Lincoln Riley’s offensive schemes. Riley’s approach hinges on quarterbacks adept at maneuvering within the pocket and, when necessary, adapting by evading defensive pressure. This dynamic role stands in contrast to Leinart’s more conventional approach—a quarterback stationed in the pocket, orchestrating precise passes.

“I don’t know if I would fit in Lincoln Riley’s system,” Leinart said while laughing. “I think I would probably be terrible in that system. But it is amazing what he does. He’s had a lot of different types of players. You go back to Oklahoma, and he had that run of Baker and Jalen and Kyler, all three very different types of players. All of them can move pretty well, but Kyler’s one of one, he’s a really unique athlete. Jalen was a very unique player, Baker was different than both of those guys. Caleb is kind of a mix of all of them.”

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Contemplating the hypothetical scenario of Leinart operating under Riley’s strategies conjures a blend of excitement and curiosity. One cannot discount the probability of Leinart excelling given his skill set, yet the speculation serves as a delightful mental exercise, offering a glimpse into an alternate football reality.

“I think if I played for him, I’m sure he would work to my strengths. But you have to be able to move around in that system, and that was something that I did not do well.”

Per Bleacher Report

As the USC Trojans’ journey unfolds, Caleb Williams continues to lead the charge. His proficiency on the field is nothing short of extraordinary, positioning him as a rarity within the realm of college athletics. The legacy of exceptional quarterbacks marches forward, with Williams poised to inscribe his own chapter in Trojans history. And so, the story of USC football evolves, each player leaving an indelible mark while the legacy of the past interweaves seamlessly with the ambitions of the present.

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