USC Athletes Shine in World Athletics Championships: Rai Benjamin and Others Secure Medals

Trojans track & field stars showcase exceptional performance on the international stage

A group of extraordinary athletes had the honor of representing the University of Southern California (USC) in the recent World Athletics Championships, making an impressive mark particularly in the track and field events.

One standout athlete, Rai Benjamin, etched his name into USC’s history with a remarkable journey during the 2018 season. Displaying exceptional prowess in the Trojans’ red and gold colors, Benjamin played a pivotal role in propelling the team to a commendable fourth place in the NCAA championships. Along this incredible trajectory, he also etched several collegiate records, showcasing his immense talent and determination. This year, his performance in the 4×400 relay race added yet another record to his achievements as he secured a gold and bronze medal in the WAC.

Witness the spectacular race here! The list of remarkable Trojans, both past and present, who showcased their skills on the WAC stage doesn’t end there. Yemi John, TeeTee Terry, and Nicole Yeargin, distinguished individuals in the world of track and field, also left their indelible marks by clinching medals. These exceptional triumphs on the global stage not only bring glory to USC but also embody the rewards of their unwavering dedication and hard work.

“During the nine days of the World Athletics Championships, USC athletes combined for six medals. Trojans earning medals at the meet of the world’s best track and field athletes were:Rai Benjamin (GOLD – M-4x400m, BRONZE – M-400m H), (SILVER -Mixed-4x400m, BRONZE – W-4x400m), TeeTee Terry (GOLD – W4x100m), Nicole Yeargin (BRONZE – W-4x400m).”

(Via USC Athletics)

There’s a unique thrill in witnessing USC’s own athletes dominating the international arena and being rewarded with well-deserved hardware. As we extend our best wishes to all former Trojans, the anticipation builds to witness the current generation of athletes at the university continue this legacy of success. USC’s track and field stars are living proof of the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished through grit, skill, and unyielding determination.

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