USC Trojans’ 2023-24 Roster: Josiah Moseley’s Prospective Visit and Future College Commitment

Highly-rated high school senior Josiah Moseley visits USC campus, sparking speculations about his college choice.

Just as the USC Trojans’ 2023-24 roster appears solid, they are already casting their gaze toward the upcoming seasons. The anticipation is building around Josiah Moseley, a promising 6’6″ power forward hailing from Stony Point High School in Round Rock, Texas. According to Jamie Shaw of On3, Moseley, a three-star senior, recently explored the USC campus, igniting conversations about his potential college choice.

Shaw’s insight reveals that among his high school class, Moseley holds the No. 100 prospect rank. Yet, it’s important to note that this ranking is a projection prior to Moseley’s senior season, leaving room for him to ascend in the rankings. While Moseley isn’t ready to make a college commitment just yet, his visit to USC sets the stage for his college exploration journey.

In the months ahead, Moseley has lined up visits to several other universities. On September 8th, he plans to explore Georgia Tech, followed by visits to the University of Illinois on September 15th, Villanova on September 22nd, the University of Texas at Austin on September 29th, and Virginia Tech on October 13th. The array of choices underscores the significance of his decision.

On3’s “recruiting prediction machine” has weighed in on the odds of Moseley’s potential college destination. As of now, the machine tips the scales in favor of the Longhorns, giving them a leading 25.9% chance of securing Moseley for the 2024-25 NCAA season. In contrast, the machine projects the Trojans, Wildcats, and Hokies with the lowest odds, each at 12.2%, in this competitive race for Moseley’s talents.

The Trojans, in the meantime, are forging ahead with their own roster dynamics for the current season. The frontcourt is bustling with activity, featuring projected starters DJ Rodman and Joshua Morgan. Notably, Vincent Iwuchukwu is anticipated to contribute significant minutes in various capacities. Adding depth to the lineup are Kijani Wright and newcomers Arrinten Page and Brandon Gardner, rounding out the bigs for the 2023-24 season.

As the basketball season unfolds, the Trojans’ outlook is a blend of seasoned players and fresh talent, while the college basketball landscape buzzes with the potential of rising stars like Josiah Moseley, keeping fans and enthusiasts engaged in the journey ahead.

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