USC Trojans Eye Rising Star Sam Utu for Future Offensive Line Strength

Trojans target Orange Lutheran standout as part of their continued tradition

The USC Trojans, a dominant force in the Los Angeles area, have a history of excellence, extending their influence even to Orange County. Numerous exceptional players have emerged from Orange County’s ranks, joining the Trojans to showcase their skills on Southern California’s football fields.

A well-documented connection thrives between the thriving high school programs in Orange County and USC, contributing to the Trojans’ legacy. The ambition to maintain this tradition burns bright as USC sets its sights on nurturing the talents of future prospects, further enriching its roster.

Among the sought-after talents is Sam Utu, a four-star offensive tackle representing Orange Lutheran. Despite being in the sophomore phase of his high school journey, Utu has already garnered significant attention from 18 different schools, including USC, who were the first to extend an offer to him in January.

While ample time remains for Utu to make his decision, a potential advantage might favor the Trojans. Utu’s profound admiration for USC, rooted in his childhood fandom for the team, and familial ties could play a pivotal role. The existing connections and geographical proximity hold promise for USC to leverage these aspects to their benefit.

“That was a dream school for sure,” Utu said. “I have a lot of family connections there. I have a cousin (Mia Tuaniga) who’s the starting setter on the women’s volleyball team right now.

“I have an uncle (Junior Utu) who played football and volleyball there and another cousin (Keao Burdine) who won back to back national championships in volleyball in 2002 and 2003 so I have some strong family ties for sure.”

(via 247Sports)

Standing at an imposing 6’4″ and weighing 295 pounds, Sam Utu possesses a formidable physical presence. Notably, his background in volleyball mirrors that of his uncle, adding another layer to his athletic journey.

While concrete plans for visits are yet to be scheduled, anticipation builds for upcoming interactions. USC aims to showcase its allure and prowess as they endeavor to solidify their future offensive line strength through the addition of potential stars like Sam Utu.

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