USC Trojans’ Boogie Ellis Returns, Boosting Team’s Prospects for Upcoming Season

Star Guard's Decision to Stay Bolsters USC's Hopes for Success

USC Trojans head coach Andy Enfield must’ve been doing cartwheels upon learning that guard Boogie Ellis would be returning to school.

Ellis led the Trojans a year ago in scoring, maintaining an average of 17.7 points per game (PPG), shooting at an impressive 48.0 percent from the field, and nailing 38.6 percent from beyond the three-point line. Many had presumed that this First Team All-Pac-12 standout would declare for this year’s NBA Draft.

To the delight of the Trojans, Ellis still had some business unfinished in the college arena. Driven by the desire to fine-tune his skills and guide the Trojans to postseason glory, Ellis made the choice to come back to school. In recent times, numerous college basketball programs have embarked on overseas summer escapades. The objective is not just to foster team chemistry and unity but also to challenge themselves against professional and semi-pro teams abroad.

USC’s excursion encompassed a 10-day journey to Greece and Croatia. The schedule featured three games, and in the interim, players had the chance to explore and learn about diverse cultures.

The Trojans clinched victory in all three overseas games, and a particularly heartening development was Ellis’ performance. Throughout the three exhibition matches, Ellis boasted an average of over 22 PPG, showcasing an impressive 58.5-percent accuracy from the field and an astounding 59-percent success rate from three-point range.

Observing brief video clips, one can discern a player brimming with confidence. Ellis’ ability to score has always been a strong point, a trait he carried from his time as a prep player in San Diego. Now, as a fifth-year college player, his growth is evident. It’s no surprise he’s been chosen as a captain for this year’s team.

The combination of Ellis, the Pac-12’s most potent returning guard, and Isaiah Collier, the nation’s top recruit, has the USC coaching staff elated. Both being playmaking guards, the synergy between Collier and Ellis is promising. Ellis can anticipate Collier’s adeptness at facilitating plays.

This partnership sets Ellis up for prime scoring opportunities off-ball and reduces his burden of bringing the ball up the court each time, which was often the case last season. In the grand scheme of things, the Trojans are emerging as early favorites within the conference. They’ll face competition from revamped Arizona, seasoned Colorado, and the talented Oregon team, among others.

Gary Lee

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