USC Trojans’ 2024 Recruiting Journey: Ups and Downs Amid New Top Prospect

USC Trojans' recruitment for 2024 witnesses changes and challenges, with Kameryn Fountain, a promising edge rusher, stepping into the spotlight to restore team glory.

The USC Trojans’ journey through the 2024 recruiting season hasn’t been a smooth ride. Over the past few months, there have been ups and downs, with players making decisions to play elsewhere and commitments slipping away. The period from July to August hasn’t exactly been a victory lap. Yet, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s still a good amount of time for the situation to change, and there’s potential for the team’s prospects to improve with several months still in play.

Amidst the shifts and changes, the USC Trojans have managed to bring in a new prospect who has now taken the coveted top spot in their rankings. Meet Kameryn Fountain, a promising four-star recruit hailing from Georgia. This young talent has emerged on the scene, making waves with his skills. Coming from Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Fountain is ready to make his mark on the football scene on the West Coast.

What sets Fountain apart is his role as an edge rusher, a player with a specific focus on putting pressure on the opposition’s quarterback. He’s bringing his exceptional abilities to USC with a clear mission in mind – to restore the Trojans to their former glory. Fountain’s commitment to the team back in early June is a testament to his dedication. He shared his thoughts on choosing to be a Trojan, even in the face of challenges. His determination to be a part of the team’s resurgence shines bright. As USC continues to mold their 2024 class, Fountain’s presence adds a sense of hope and excitement to the journey that lies ahead.

“I love the coaches over there,” said Fountain. “I do feel that home feeling more at USC though.

“That’s why I committed. I went on other trips (unofficially), but they just didn’t feel like home. I just couldn’t see myself at those schools. But I rock with Coach Luc (Sterling Lucas). That man, I have a great relationship with him. But USC, it just feels different for me.”

Physically, Kameryn Fountain stands tall at 6’5″ and weighs 237 pounds, possessing the attributes of a formidable edge rusher. His impressive skill set has earned him recognition as the sixth-ranked edge player in his class and the ninth-ranked player in Georgia.

The anticipation surrounding this high school senior is reaching new heights. There’s no doubt that he will have a substantial impact and will join forces with other top recruits when the next fall season rolls around.


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