USC Trojan’s Heisman Winner Caleb Williams Earns High Praise as Top NFL Prospect

Williams' Stellar Performance and Comparison to NFL Stars Generate Anticipation

We’re just 11 days away from the commencement of the 2023 season, and the anticipation among Trojan fans is palpable. The USC team is gearing up for what’s expected to be an extraordinary season, and the spotlight is undoubtedly on the Trojans as they aim to redeem themselves after last year’s setbacks.

While the conclusion of the previous season didn’t align with their plans, there was a silver lining – the impressive performance of their star quarterback, Caleb Williams, who secured the coveted Heisman Trophy. Williams’s journey took USC to unprecedented heights, marking a revival that had been absent for over a decade. Alongside the guidance of head coach Lincoln Riley, the university has been steered back into the thick of the national championship contention.

1. Caleb Williams (2024)

Williams is also coming from Lincoln Riley’s scheme, which has produced NFL quarterbacks Baker MayfieldKyler Murray and Jalen Hurts. There’s a season of college football left for Williams, but right now, his star is shining brighter than any quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck (2012).

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The university and Williams himself have reaped substantial rewards from this partnership. While Williams embodies a team-centric approach, his exceptional gameplay has thrust him into the spotlight, particularly as jersey number 13. His prowess on the field has propelled him into conversations surrounding his potential as the top pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

This projection doesn’t merely rest on speculation, but it’s anchored in the transformational strides Williams is poised to make. Nevertheless, NFL Draft analyst Matt Miller took it a step further, asserting that Williams is the most promising quarterback prospect in the last five years. The accolades don’t stop there – Miller draws a parallel between Williams and the iconic Stanford QB, Andrew Luck, hailing him as the most remarkable quarterback prospect since Luck himself. This endorsement carries weight, and it’s justified by Williams’s Heisman triumph – an honor Luck didn’t attain – and his anticipated selection as the overall first pick in the 2024 draft, reminiscent of Luck’s journey in 2012.

“Every play is successful because he either throws on time or moves and makes it happen. He has that off-script [Patrick] Mahomes factor,” one AFC scout said.

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Williams is on the path to becoming a cornerstone player for an NFL franchise, with a comparison drawn to none other than Chiefs’ superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This affirmation doesn’t stand alone; an NFL general manager has shown unwavering support for Williams, asserting that his skill set will seamlessly transition to the professional stage. As the prospective top overall pick, Williams faces the task of validating these endorsements with a remarkable performance in the 2023 season – a challenge that both the Trojans and Williams are determined to meet head-on.

“There’s potential and then there’s what he’s done in a year and a half as a starter. He’s not only the best quarterback in college, but he has the best of all the traits needed to be great.”

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