USC Basketball Excites with Isaiah Collier’s Strong Start

Rising Star Isaiah Collier Shines in USC's International Matches

USC basketball’s prospects have been elevated with the addition of Isaiah Collier, a 6’4 superstar guard, to their roster for the 2023-2024 season. Collier’s versatility as a point guard who excels in facilitating and scoring has garnered excitement for the Trojans’ basketball program.

Amid considerations to join prominent schools like UCLA and Michigan, Collier was drawn to the Trojans’ vision for his potential. USC’s commitment to harnessing the skills of the top-ranked high school player of 2023 proved irresistible to him. As USC competes against international clubs in Greece, Collier’s impact on the court is already apparent.

Collier’s prowess has been on full display during his early performances overseas. Notably, he has consistently achieved double-digit scores while simultaneously contributing significantly to assists. His adeptness in transition play has facilitated numerous fast break opportunities for his teammates, thanks to his well-executed outlet passes.

Challenging international opponent Mega Mis hasn’t deterred the Trojans, who have demonstrated their capabilities by securing a 3-0 record during their ongoing international tour.

NBA draft expert Rafael Barlowe’s evaluation of Isaiah Collier is undoubtedly positive, aligning with the considerable anticipation surrounding the young star. Barlowe’s insightful analysis underscores Collier’s ability to meet and exceed the expectations set for him. As Collier’s journey unfolds, his strengths and skills are becoming more evident, leaving basketball enthusiasts eager for more captivating performances.

The USC basketball community eagerly awaits the next chapter of Isaiah Collier’s journey as he continues to make his mark on the court. With his remarkable blend of playmaking and scoring abilities, he is poised to leave a lasting impact on USC basketball and the broader basketball landscape.

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