USC Basketball’s Mobley Brothers: From Trojans to NBA Prominence

Evan and Isaiah Mobley's Journey from USC to NBA Recognition

Amidst the Trojans’ ongoing European exhibition tour, a formidable challenge presents itself to these young athletes as they compete far from the familiar comforts of home.

Venturing alongside USC’s current roster, some of the university’s own alumni have joined the Greek trip, bringing their valuable insights to the current Trojan squad as they gear up for the upcoming season.

Two exceptional talents, known as the Mobley brothers, established their basketball careers in the city of Temecula during their high school years. USC welcomed both brothers into their ranks, and their contributions shone brightly during their tenures with the team.

Evan Mobley, the younger of the duo, left an indelible mark during his brief maroon and gold stint. His defensive prowess and well-rounded skills earned him spots on numerous all-conference teams within the Pac-12. Such exceptional performance led to his becoming a top-3 pick in the 2021 NBA draft, joining the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Within the league, Evan Mobley’s reputation has flourished. Notably, he secured a spot on the All-Rookie team in his inaugural year of 2022 and further stood out as a finalist for the 2023 Defensive Player of the Year award.

Isaiah Mobley, the elder sibling, graced the Trojan roster for an additional season in 2022. His impressive contributions culminated in earning first-team all-conference honors. Following his standout college career, Isaiah also found himself drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, this time in the second round of the 2022 NBA draft.

Having showcased his skills in an impressive G-League season, Isaiah Mobley’s potential shines brightly, mirroring his brother’s promising trajectory. Subsequently, he signed a two-way deal with the Cavs, marking a return to the team that had previously offered him the same deal in 2022. His achievements were further highlighted through his recognition as a third-team All-G-League selection.

Amidst their NBA journeys, both Evan and Isaiah Mobley have united with the current Trojans on their European tour, serving as sources of morale and inspiration. The presence of these homegrown talents fosters anticipation for USC’s performance on the international stage, buoyed by the support of their accomplished alumni.

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