USC’s Impressive Recruiting Haul: New Faces and Lineup Predictions

USC's Stellar Recruiting Season Sets the Stage for Dynamic Lineup

At USC, the recent offseason witnessed an impressive flurry of activity in terms of recruiting new talent, leading to one of their most fruitful hauls to date. Standing at the forefront of this accomplishment is Isaiah Collier, who gained significant recognition as a top player in the graduating class of 2023. After careful consideration, Collier decided to join the Trojans, adding to the anticipation surrounding their upcoming season.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Other noteworthy names like Bronny James, Arrinten Page, Brandon Gardner, and DJ Rodman have also chosen to become part of the USC roster, creating a palpable buzz around this incoming group. With the blend of these rising stars and USC’s returning players, Head Coach Andy Enfield now has the flexibility to experiment with diverse lineups and provide multiple players with ample opportunities to shine.

ESPN analyst Jeff Borzello has added to the excitement by releasing his list of the top 25 college basketball teams for the upcoming campaign. Placing USC at an impressive number 21, he also delves into his predictions for the Trojans’ starting lineup.

In the realm of the backcourt, Borzello envisions Isaiah Collier taking up the point guard position alongside returning player Boogie Ellis, who slots in as the shooting guard. Ellis, with his improved ball-handling skills, will now have the chance to focus on creating open shot opportunities while Collier orchestrates the game.

A logical move, according to Borzello, is placing third-year wing Kobe Johnson in the starting small forward position. Given Johnson’s strides in both offensive and defensive aspects last season, he stands out as the team’s primary perimeter defender.

As the storyline moves to the frontcourt, Borzello anticipates that transfer recruit DJ Rodman will step into the power forward role. This decision is rooted in Rodman’s past success at Washington State in the same position, where he showcased a knack for dominating the boards, much like his father Dennis Rodman. Completing the projected lineup, Joshua Morgan is named as the starting center. After consistent growth in the rotation over the past few seasons, it appears that Morgan’s time to shine has arrived.

The stage is set for USC’s basketball team to make their mark with a fresh lineup, combining experienced returners with promising newcomers. Fans and analysts alike eagerly await the season’s commencement to witness how this dynamic team will perform on the court.


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