When USC football takes the field in 2023, expect to see some rule changes

Changes are coming to college football in an effort to speed up the game

Changes are coming to college football in an effort to speed up the game. 

The NCAA Football Rules Committee announced Friday that the body has passed rule changes that will now move to be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel in April. Once that happens, the rules will go into effect for the 2023 season. 

Here’s the list of new rules, courtesy of CBS Sports.

“The biggest change is regarding first downs. Currently, the clock stops on first downs until the ball is spotted by officials. The new rule will keep the clock running on first downs except during the final 2 minutes of the second and fourth quarters.”

Additional rules include:

No consecutive timeouts: This mostly impacts field goals attempts when opposing coaches call multiple timeouts in order to “ice the kicker.”Untimed penalties: Rules violations that occur with no time on the clock in the first and third quarters would carry over to the next quarter, thus limiting “untimed downs” to the end of the halves.Replay adjustments: During games in which there isn’t a replay official in the booth, on-field officials will have optional replay in which they can use available video after a coach’s challenge.

What do you think Trojans fans? Do you like these changes that are most likely coming to college football for the upcoming season? Let us know your thoughts on social media. 

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