USC News: Reggie Bush Officially Welcomed Back To USC After Ban

Reggie Bush, USC’s former running back, has formally been welcomed back to the Trojans after a 10-year disassociation.

USC President Carol L. Folt informed Reggie Bush in a letter that the University decided to share:

“I am pleased to inform you that all restrictions and prohibitions on your involvement in our athletics program are officially removed and you will be afforded the privileges and courtesies extended to all Trojan football alumni”

Bush expressed his gratitude: “I’ve dreamed of this day for 10-plus years, and I am excited to be home!”

The NCAA found that Bush’s family received extra benefits while he was attending USC which lead to his disassociation from the program. The benefits included a $600K house near San Diego and a $10K allowance to furnish the home. As part of Bush’s punishment, he had to return hs 2005 Heisman Trophy, USC lost 30 scholarships, and the Trojans were forced to vacate the 2004 National Championship.

Bush has mentioned he would love to return and be a part of USC in any form. He was allowed to return to USC in September 2019 as part of his television duties covering NCAA games for Fox.

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