Will McClendon’s Three-Point Shooting: A Silver Lining for UCLA Bruins

UCLA's sophomore guard, Will McClendon, is making a significant impact from beyond the arc, offering hope for the team's three-point shooting.

In the early stages of the season, sophomore UCLA Bruins guard Will McClendon emerged as a beacon of hope for the team’s three-point shooting struggles. Amid a challenging season for the Bruins, McClendon’s impressive performance from beyond the arc has stood out as a silver lining.

Jack Nelson of The Daily Bruin highlighted the predicament faced by the UCLA team, noting that only two players, Will McClendon and Lazar Stefanovic, managed to connect on 30% or more of their three-point attempts. Stefanovic, a 6’6″ junior transfer from Utah, joined McClendon in this elite group. However, collectively, the Bruins were making just 31.3% of their three-pointers, ranking 248th in the nation, a statistic that left room for improvement.

McClendon experienced a brief dip in his three-point shooting, going 1-of-5 from beyond the arc during consecutive starts against Lafayette and Long Island. However, he quickly rebounded when moved back to the bench, showcasing his resilience and dedication to improving his game. Since that challenging stretch, McClendon has made an impressive 50% of his three-point attempts.

This season, McClendon has been connecting on 42.1% of his 2.7 three-point attempts per game. This remarkable improvement represents a significant uptick from his previous season’s performance, where he shot at a meager 7.1% on just one triple try.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only two UCLA players, Will McClendon and Lazar Stefanovic, have been consistently hitting three-pointers at a 30% or higher rate this season.
  • The UCLA Bruins as a team have struggled from beyond the arc, ranking 248th in the nation with a 31.3% three-point shooting percentage.
  • Will McClendon’s three-point shooting has significantly improved this season, with a 42.1% success rate on 2.7 attempts per game.

Despite the challenges faced by the UCLA Bruins this season, Will McClendon’s exceptional three-point shooting has provided a glimmer of hope. As he continues to make strides in his sophomore year, his accuracy from beyond the arc could prove to be a crucial factor in the team’s success. McClendon’s dedication and resilience serve as an inspiration for the entire squad as they strive to improve their overall performance.

“He worked really hard in the offseason, summer, and we saw him this year in practice, preseason before we started playing games,” associate head coach Darren Savino commented. “He was one of our, if not our best, three-point shooter.”

“If he starts to take hard shots and too much movement, that’s where he would struggle,” Savino said. “But when he’s open and we can kick it to him, we’re pretty confident that he can make it. So moving forward, it’s a nice little weapon for us if he can continue to play with that confidence.”

In a season marked by ups and downs, Will McClendon’s sharpshooting offers a ray of hope for the UCLA Bruins and their aspirations for success on the court.

“The coaches trust me, they get mad at me when I don’t shoot it,” McClendon noted.

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