UCLA Bruins Stumble Against Cal Golden Bears, Ending Season on a Sour Note

UCLA's hopes for a strong finish were dashed as they fell to Cal in a disappointing game.

In a game filled with high hopes, the UCLA Bruins faced off against the Cal Golden Bears with a chance to end their season on a triumphant note. Fresh off a stunning upset victory over their arch-rivals, the USC Trojans, the Bruins were eager to maintain their momentum. However, their aspirations took a hit as they failed to deliver against Cal, resulting in a disheartening 33-7 loss.

Key Takeaways:

  • UCLA’s defeat against Cal dampened their hopes of concluding the season on a positive note.
  • Despite a recent victory over USC, the Bruins couldn’t replicate their success against the Golden Bears.
  • The loss to Cal raises concerns about the Bruins’ bowl game prospects due to tiebreakers.

The Bruins had a golden opportunity to thwart their Pac-12 rivals, Cal, but they allowed the Golden Bears to secure their sixth win of the season. This defeat could have significant repercussions, particularly when it comes to the postseason bowl game selection process.

Following the victory, Cal became bowl-eligible, prompting head coach Justin Wilcox to share his thoughts after the game.

“It was a month ago there wasn’t a lot of positivity around the program. I think it just speaks to the character of the guys in the room,” Cal coach Justin Wilcox said.

Per Justin Wilcox via The Associated Press

As the UCLA football team heads into the offseason, they face a multitude of unanswered questions. Their tenure in the Pac-12 has come to an end, and the transition to the Big-10 looms on the horizon for the next season. This shift presents a formidable challenge for the program, and without implementing necessary changes, their future prospects may not be promising.

The Bruins must use this offseason to regroup, strategize, and make the essential adjustments required to compete effectively in their new conference. It’s a pivotal moment for the team, as they need to adapt to a higher level of competition and ensure a more successful campaign in the Big-10.

“We didn’t do what we needed to do, and it’s disappointing because in phases I think we’ve played really, really well,” Kelly said. “But we got to put it together. And in five games we didn’t put it together.”

Per Chip Kelly via The Associated Press

Bruins head coach Chip Kelly expressed his disappointment with his team’s effort, clearly dissatisfied with what transpired on the field.

In conclusion, UCLA’s season ended on a sour note with a disappointing loss to the Cal Golden Bears. Despite their earlier victory over USC, they couldn’t sustain their success. Now, as they prepare for a transition to the Big-10, the Bruins face a challenging road ahead, requiring significant improvements to remain competitive in their new conference.

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