UCLA’s Coach Mick Cronin Gets Candid About Frontcourt Play After Dominating Win

Coach Cronin provides honest insights into the performance of his young frontcourt starters.

In a postgame analysis that left no room for ambiguity, UCLA’s head coach Mick Cronin delved deep into his team’s performance following their commanding 78-58 victory over the Long Island University Sharks. Coach Cronin’s laser-focused critiques of his squad, particularly the defensive efforts of freshman center Aday Mara and sophomore power forward Adem Bona, shed light on his relentless pursuit of success in the upcoming season.

Key Takeaways:

Coach Cronin, known for his intensity and dedication to molding young talents into formidable athletes, didn’t hold back when discussing Mara and Bona’s defensive contributions against LIU. According to UCLA Communications, the coach had this to say: “Aday Mara showed glimpses of his immense potential, but he needs to work on his positioning and shot-blocking. Adem Bona must improve his post-defense and stay out of foul trouble to be a consistent force for us.”

“Well, their performance on the defensive end was O.K.,” Cronin said. “Aday is learning and getting better at that. Adem has got to improve on his perimeter defense. He’s got to improve vastly on his switching on the perimeter and not fouling a jump shooter. We fouled two jump shooters in the second half. We also gave up 48 percent in the second half and 41 points. We stopped playing. We got up 30. I don’t what the score was with 11 minutes to play, but it says here (points to box score) we were up 30 and just stopped playing defense. We packed it in.”

“So, we’re too young right now,” Cronin concluded. “We’re not tough enough. That’s just the truth. We’re not hard, tough enough to be able to play 40 minutes. We don’t have enough guys that can play hard enough.”

Mara, a towering 7’3” prospect from Spain with NBA aspirations, earned his first-ever start for UCLA in the matchup against the Long Island University Sharks. His presence in the starting lineup underscores Coach Cronin’s confidence in his abilities, but it also places a spotlight on the areas that need development.

Coach Cronin’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in his meticulous assessment of his players’ performances, even in victory. The UCLA Bruins will undoubtedly benefit from his unwavering commitment as they strive to make their mark in the upcoming season.

In conclusion, Coach Mick Cronin’s candid postgame analysis provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of his team’s frontcourt players, setting the tone for an exciting season ahead. With the relentless pursuit of excellence as their driving force, the UCLA Bruins are poised for success under Coach Cronin’s guidance.

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