UCLA Basketball Teams Join Forces to Raise Over $140,000 in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

The 16th annual Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event brought UCLA's Men's and Women's basketball teams together for a noble cause.

In a heartwarming display of unity and philanthropy, the UCLA Men’s and Women’s basketball teams recently celebrated their 16th consecutive year of coming together to combat childhood cancer. The annual Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event, held at Drake Stadium on campus, once again showcased the Bruins’ dedication to making a difference.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event raised over $140,000 to benefit research at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Both teams actively engaged with participants, signing autographs, taking pictures, and demonstrating their commitment to the cause.
  • The event collaborated with The V Foundation through the Dick Vitale Fund, which has raised over $310 million for cancer research.

The 16th edition of this event, organized to combat childhood cancer, witnessed the gathering of the UCLA community and basketball enthusiasts alike. With the aim of making a substantial impact in the fight against pediatric cancer, this event has consistently garnered support and funds.

This year, over $140,000 was raised, with the proceeds dedicated to furthering research at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and contributing to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation’s efforts. The generosity of participants and supporters has been instrumental in funding vital research and treatments for children battling cancer.

The Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event was not merely about raising funds; it was also about creating memorable experiences. Players from both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams took time to connect with attendees, signing autographs, posing for pictures, and sharing meaningful moments. The spirit of camaraderie and compassion was palpable throughout the event.

One of the highlights of the day was the one-mile course designed for participants, which wound its way through the picturesque UCLA campus and culminated at the iconic Pauley Pavilion. This course not only symbolized the journey of hope but also provided an opportunity for participants to engage with the UCLA community.

Over the years, UCLA’s commitment to this noble cause has been unwavering, resulting in the cumulative raising of nearly $2 million to date. This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication of the entire UCLA community, including students, athletes, and supporters, who have rallied together year after year.

The Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event also forged a meaningful partnership with The V Foundation through the Dick Vitale Fund. This collaboration brings together the shared goal of raising funds for cancer research, a mission that resonates deeply with the late basketball coach Jim Valvano’s vision. Founded in partnership with ESPN, The V Foundation has raised an astonishing $310 million to support crucial research initiatives.

The three-hour event was a testament to the altruism of both basketball teams, as they enthusiastically engaged with participants, emphasizing the significance of their cause. The heartwarming videos shared online captured the genuine joy and connection that permeated the event, underscoring the impact of their collective efforts in the fight against childhood cancer.

In conclusion, the 16th annual Dribble for Victory Over Cancer event brought the UCLA Men’s and Women’s basketball teams together, raising over $140,000 for pediatric cancer research. This event not only demonstrates the Bruins’ commitment to their community but also highlights the power of unity in the fight against childhood cancer. Together with The V Foundation, they are making a significant impact in the ongoing battle against this devastating disease.

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