UCLA Bruins Face Quarterback Dilemma Amidst Injury Concerns

UCLA's quarterback situation takes an uncertain turn as injury sidelines Schlee, placing the spotlight on true freshman Dante Moore.

In the early stages of the season, the UCLA Bruins’ quarterback situation was a topic of hot debate, with fans and pundits speculating on who would lead the team. The spotlight was on the talented true freshman Dante Moore, but Head Coach Chip Kelly had different plans, opting for a dual-quarterback system to keep opponents guessing.

However, Moore eventually asserted himself as the top QB choice for the Bruins. Despite this, the coaching staff reverted to their dual-quarterback strategy in their recent game against Oregon State. Part of the reason was Moore’s struggles, but it did provide a much-needed spark to the offense.

Unfortunately, Coach Kelly’s strategy might be short-lived due to an injury. Schlee, who had been sharing quarterback duties, suffered an injury during the Oregon State game, leaving his availability uncertain for the upcoming games.

“For the first time since UCLA’s contest against North Carolina Central, coach Chip Kelly put someone other than Moore in the game as the Bruins’ play caller. On Saturday, that was redshirt junior Collin Schlee.”

Per Grace Whitaker of The Daily Bruin

This injury throws a wrench into UCLA’s plans, forcing them to rely on Moore as their primary quarterback. While Moore has displayed flashes of brilliance, he has also encountered significant challenges. Turnovers have plagued his recent performances, casting doubt on the sustainability of his current style of play.

“So when Kelly opted to use Schlee’s strengths to his advantage against Oregon State, the duo of Moore and Schlee added a new – albeit imperfect – dynamic to UCLA’s offense. However, the pairing may be short-lived depending on the prognosis of Schlee’s injury.”

Per Grace Whitaker of The Daily Bruin

It appears that Moore will be the go-to quarterback moving forward, but his margin for error is diminishing. If his struggles persist, the Bruins may have no choice but to bench the young phenom, potentially salvaging their season.

Key Takeaways:

  • UCLA’s quarterback situation has been marked by uncertainty, with a dual-quarterback system in place initially.
  • Dante Moore emerged as the top QB choice but faced setbacks, leading to a return to the dual-QB strategy.
  • An injury to Schlee now leaves UCLA with Moore as their primary QB, but his recent turnovers raise concerns about his sustainability in the role.

As the Bruins move forward in the season, all eyes will be on Dante Moore, who must quickly adapt and improve to secure his position as the starting quarterback. Coach Kelly’s decision to go all-in on the true freshman may be a risky move, but it’s one that could define UCLA’s football season. Only time will tell if Moore can rise to the occasion and lead the Bruins to success on the gridiron.

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