UCLA’s Freshman Sensation Dante Moore Leads the Charge with a 4-1 Record

True freshman quarterback Dante Moore impresses as he takes the reins for the Bruins in 2023.

The UCLA Bruins, led by true freshman quarterback Dante Moore, have surprisingly started the 2023 season with a 4-1 record. Despite some ups and downs, Moore has secured his position as the team’s top quarterback, earning the trust of Coach Chip Kelly.

Key Takeaways:

  • UCLA, with a freshman quarterback, holds a 4-1 record in the 2023 season.
  • Dante Moore has emerged as the team’s primary quarterback choice under Coach Chip Kelly.
  • Moore’s performance includes 9 touchdowns and 4 turnovers, demonstrating both promise and room for improvement.

The UCLA Bruins’ 2023 football season has been nothing short of surprising. With a true freshman signal caller at the helm, Dante Moore, they have managed to secure a solid 4-1 record. This remarkable start to the season has left both fans and experts intrigued about the future of the program.

Moore, at just 18 years old, has experienced a somewhat uneven journey while donning the Blue and Gold this year. However, his undeniable talent has earned him the coveted title of the team’s clear No. 1 quarterback, according to sixth-year head coach Chip Kelly. It’s a bold move to entrust such a crucial position to a true freshman, but Kelly’s confidence in Moore has paid off thus far.

James H. Williams, a prominent figure in UCLA sports reporting, highlights that one of the reasons for Moore’s early rise to prominence is the team’s surprisingly robust defense. This has allowed Coach Kelly to accelerate Moore’s development and give him the reins of the Bruins’ offense. Williams also points out that Moore’s commitment to improvement is evident as he frequently studies game tape with Kelly, displaying a level of dedication beyond his years.

Coach Kelly recently shed light on the nature of the conversations he’s been having with the young quarterback. These mentorship moments are undoubtedly shaping Moore’s growth and potential in a highly competitive college football landscape.

Moore’s journey to becoming the top quarterback didn’t come without its challenges. After initially starting the season as a backup to Ethan Garbers, Moore made his mark in a dominant 59-7 victory over North Carolina Central. This performance solidified his role as the starting quarterback for the Bruins.

“Being the quarterback, you want to talk to your coach, especially Coach Kelly because he’s an offensive-minded guy and he’s the one calling the plays,” Moore said. “The two weeks we had to get ready for (the Washington State) game, I went into his office and sat down to communicate with him what I do like and what I don’t like. “If I don’t like it, he can change my view of things, but if I said ‘Coach, this play isn’t really fitting with me,’ he would just cancel it.”

In terms of statistics, Moore has completed 69 of 130 pass attempts, boasting a 53% completion rate. He’s also accumulated nine touchdowns, showcasing his ability to make plays when it matters most. However, there’s room for improvement, as Moore has also been responsible for four costly turnovers, an aspect of his game that will need refining as the season progresses.

“If it doesn’t go the way you want it, what was the reason it didn’t go the way you wanted? And then let’s fix it,” Kelly said. “You know he doesn’t make many mistakes twice. The only issue is that he hasn’t had a lot of snaps.”

Despite the hiccups, Dante Moore’s emergence as the UCLA Bruins’ true freshman star quarterback has injected excitement into the 2023 season. With his talent, dedication, and the trust of Coach Kelly, the future looks bright for both Moore and the Bruins.

“The one thing I’m learning at the collegiate level is that everybody’s good and if you keep making mistakes, a lot of people will want to capitalize on your (consistent) mistakes,” Moore said.

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