UCLA Bruins’ Dominant Defense Sparks Head Coach Concerns: Can They Keep D’Anton Lynn?

UCLA's Impressive Defensive Streak Raises Questions About Defensive Coordinator's Future

In a season marked by success, the 4-1 UCLA Bruins football team has shone brightly, with their defense emerging as a pivotal force. This defensive prowess has not only given UCLA a fighting chance in the Pac-12 this year but has also earned them national recognition.

The most recent testament to their defensive might came when they faced off against the Washington State Cougars and made their high-powered passing attack appear pedestrian. It was a statement game that sent shockwaves throughout the league. Opponents are now acutely aware that the Bruins are not to be trifled with defensively, making UCLA a formidable and intimidating team.

“Jarmond should not be shy about spending it to sweeten Lynn’s deal and retain the rest of Kelly’s defensive assistants. For the first time since Kelly’s arrival in Westwood, it feels like the Bruins are building a sustainable model for success. Pay Lynn now. UCLA can worry about paying the Berkeley tax later.”

Per J. Brady McCollough of The LA Times

J. Brady McCollough, a prominent voice at The LA Times, is sounding the alarm for the Bruins. He urges them not to delay and emphasizes the importance of retaining their defensive coordinator, D’Anton Lynn. With Lynn’s exceptional performance this season, he may become a prime target for head coaching positions in the upcoming offseason. Securing Lynn’s tenure, whom UCLA recruited from the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens with a $1 million deal this summer, is essential for the Bruins. It’s an integral step toward establishing a solid foundation within their program, a foundation that Lynn has played a crucial role in building.

This season, the defense has been the lifeblood of the team, with the potential to carry them to great heights. UCLA is quietly becoming a powerhouse in the Pac-12, and their victory against Washington State has further fueled their ambitions of clinching the conference title.

“After just eight months directing what has routinely been one of the country’s most dysfunctional units, Lynn has transformed UCLA into one of the top defenses in the country.”

Per J. Brady McCollough of The LA Times

To ensure that D’Anton Lynn remains an integral part of their program, the Bruins must demonstrate their commitment, starting with a persuasive financial offer. This decision would undoubtedly serve the program’s interests, both in the short term and as they prepare for their move to the Big 10 next year.

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