UCLA Bruins Focus on Offensive Line Improvement for Upcoming Game Against Washington State

UCLA offensive line strives to protect quarterback and improve communication ahead of Rose Bowl clash with Washington State

In their pursuit of progress, the UCLA Bruins have set their sights on enhancing their offensive line’s performance. Following a well-deserved bye week, the Bruins are investing time and effort to fine-tune their gameplay, especially after a challenging showdown against Utah.

During their last game, the offensive line grappled with communication breakdowns that ultimately resulted in multiple sacks. Recognizing the gravity of this issue, the unit is determined to avoid a repeat performance for the remainder of the season. The Bruins are acutely aware that they let the game against Utah slip through their fingers and are now focused on mastering the fundamentals.

“We’ve been trying to focus on getting all those guys to turn into one brain and one unit,” DiGiorgio said, “and just be able to get that job done.”

Per Garrett DiGiorgio via The LA Times

Ensuring improved communication among the linemen during games has become a paramount aspect of their game plan. Right tackle Garrett DiGiorgio shared insights into the progress made by the formidable offensive line. The problems UCLA faced against Utah had quarterback Dante Moore occasionally appearing disoriented. While the blame cannot be entirely laid at the feet of the offensive line, protecting their quarterback is now a top priority. Granting him the time to stand tall in the pocket could translate into positive outcomes for the entire offensive unit.

‘Of course, talk can only accomplish so much. At some point, you’ve got to do it.”

Per Garrett DiGiorgio via The LA Times

This weekend, the Bruins are set to welcome the Washington State Cougars to the iconic Rose Bowl stadium. It marks the first opportunity for UCLA to showcase the fruits of their labor. DiGiorgio emphasized that they are not merely content with discussing improvements but are determined to translate their hard work into action. The upcoming clash with Washington State serves as a litmus test for the Bruins, offering a clearer picture of their true identity as a team.

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