UCLA Bruins Face Tough Challenge in 14-7 Loss to Utah Utes

Freshman Quarterback Dante Moore Reflects on Game-Changing Interception

In the early weeks of the new college football season, the UCLA Bruins appeared to be on a smooth course, dominating their opponents and suggesting they could be contenders in the Pac-12. However, a recent showdown with the Utah Utes threw a wrench in their plans, leaving them feeling like they missed a golden opportunity.

The Bruins endured a less than stellar game against the Utah Utes over the past weekend, resulting in a 14-7 loss. Despite the defeat, they put up a spirited fight against a top-ranked team.

Utah’s lineup was missing a few key starters, but they showcased their depth, effectively stifling the UCLA offense throughout the game. They also managed to make true freshman quarterback, Dante Moore, feel uneasy right from the outset.

“When I looked that way there was a linebacker over there but he wasn’t even the guy who made the play,” Moore explained. “It was a guy who came from the complete opposite side and that’s just from them watching a lot of film and knowing what’s coming.”

Per James H. Williams, The OC Register

The game took a turn for the worse for Moore and the Bruins when he threw an interception on their first offensive play. That interception was returned for a touchdown, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Moore didn’t shy away from discussing his mistake, offering his perspective on the pivotal moment. While the interception was undoubtedly a costly error by the young quarterback, it wasn’t solely responsible for the Bruins’ loss. Their offensive struggles plagued them throughout the game, and the blame can’t be placed entirely on Moore. Nevertheless, Moore exhibited admirable accountability for his mistake, displaying leadership qualities beyond his years.

“It was a big mistake and as a quarterback, you can’t make mistakes and you have to protect the football.”

Per James H. Williams, The OC Register

Both Moore and the Bruins can derive valuable lessons from this challenging game. Despite the loss, they managed to put up a fierce fight in a hostile environment on the road, nearly coming out with a victory. There are positives to be gleaned from this experience, and as they approach the bye week, the Bruins intend to harness this setback as motivation to avoid a repeat performance.

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