UCLA Tops Ranking for Best College Basketball Uniforms in 2023

Analyst Andy Katz Lists UCLA as Having the Best Basketball Uniforms

There’s an undeniable allure to those four magical letters: U-C-L-A. Universally associated with the most esteemed and triumphant basketball program in the sport’s extensive history, these letters have a resonance that’s hard to ignore.

The colors of blue, gold, and white, firmly embedded in the university’s heritage, have remained untouched since its early days. Seasoned basketball analyst Andy Katz decided to add a dash of fun to the mix. With just over a month left until the official start of the college basketball season, Katz thought it fitting to evaluate college teams based on various criteria.

Having previously ranked mascots, this time around, he set out to assess the finest uniforms in college basketball. In a delightful twist of fate for Bruins enthusiasts, UCLA stands tall as Katz’s pick for the cream of the crop. UCLA reigns supreme, with North Carolina, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Arizona, Indiana, Hawaii, and Grand Canyon following closely behind, in that order.

A quick glance at this ranking reveals a noticeable trend—many of the sport’s elite programs prominently feature the color blue in their uniform combinations. It appears that Katz possesses a particular fondness for this color, which resonates throughout his list.

While the cherished quartet of letters, “UCLA,” and the classic blue and gold combination remain unaltered, the UCLA apparel brand has undergone transformations in recent years. After a stint with Adidas, UCLA briefly embraced Under Armour before making a significant shift to join the ranks of the Jordan Brand (jumpman) family. This move solidifies UCLA’s position as a prominent ambassador for one of the most iconic sportswear brands globally.

In conclusion, UCLA continues to stand as a beacon of excellence, not just on the basketball court but also in the realm of uniform aesthetics. As the college basketball season approaches, fans eagerly await the moment when they can witness their beloved Bruins sporting their iconic blue and gold attire, setting the standard for style and tradition in the sport.

Gary Lee

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