UCLA Bruins Extend a Helping Hand to North Carolina Central Eagles in HBCU Collaboration

UCLA's Dominance Shines a Light on HBCUs in College Football

In recent years, the landscape of college football has witnessed a heartening trend: larger football programs reaching out to smaller ones, bolstering the sport’s inclusivity. This inclusive approach aims to raise awareness and open doors for lesser-known institutions, making college football a true breeding ground for talent and opportunities.

Over the weekend, the North Carolina Central Eagles had the privilege of stepping onto the field with the powerhouse UCLA Bruins, a matchup that underscored the growing significance of supporting Historically Black Universities (HBCUs) in the realm of college football. While the final score tilted heavily in favor of the Bruins, the impact of this game transcended the field, resonating profoundly with UCLA quarterback Dante Moore, a black man, who shared his poignant thoughts on this special encounter.

For North Carolina Central, this was an extraordinary opportunity, a chance to face a program as illustrious as UCLA—a rare experience that can transform the trajectory of players’ careers. Coach Trei Oliver, the head honcho of the Eagles, astutely leveraged this matchup as a pivotal moment for his players. He acknowledged that playing at the hallowed grounds of the Rose Bowl was an awe-inspiring experience, a memory that will be etched in the minds of his athletes for years to come.

“Understanding the history of everything is really important. How Coach Kelly and the UCLA program acknowledge HBCU games is something that we all appreciate. I love how we make sure to let people present on the jumbotron and talk about black history, and that’s something I really appreciate about this program”

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Such matchups between giants and underdogs serve as the lifeblood of college football, fostering growth and inspiring dreams. These games, often underrated, provide a unique platform for small programs to showcase their potential and fortify their presence in the college football arena. The beauty lies in the symbiotic relationship—larger programs like UCLA give smaller ones like North Carolina Central a chance to shine, while also benefiting from the exposure and diversity of competition.

“That was the word, “opportunity,” that Trei Oliver, the NCCU head coach, kept coming back to earlier this week. He called it a “business trip” and spoke of a genuine goal of winning, regardless of the long odds. He acknowledged the opportunities beyond the game, too, including the chance to compete in what’s arguably the most historic stadium in the sport.

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The hope resonating within the college football community is that this heartening trend continues, and there’s ample reason to believe it will. The success of games like the one between UCLA and North Carolina Central not only enriches the sport but also epitomizes the essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie. They bridge gaps, connect individuals, and, most importantly, provide opportunities to those who might otherwise remain in the shadows.

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