UCLA Bruins Football Secures Impressive 2-0 Start with Win Over San Diego State

Freshman QB Dante Moore Shines as UCLA's Defense Dominates Aztec Running Game

In an exhilarating matchup, the UCLA Bruins football team soared to a 2-0 season record this past weekend by triumphing over San Diego State. This thrilling victory showcased the Bruins’ exceptional defensive prowess in curtailing the formidable Aztec running game.

As the game unfolded, a noticeable synergy emerged between the Bruins’ offense and defense, creating an environment of fluidity on the field. This cohesion particularly benefited the freshman quarterback, Dante Moore, who once again showcased his remarkable skills.

Dante Moore has staked a compelling claim to the coveted starting quarterback position for the Bruins. His exceptional performance has undeniably given him the edge over the other two quarterbacks on the roster. However, Head Coach Chip Kelly remains resolute in adhering to his unconventional three-quarterback strategy.

“We still feel we have three quarterbacks and feel good about that situation,” Kelly said. “I think it’s comforting to know that all three guys can play for you and we’ll see where we’re headed moving forward.”

Per The LA Times

In the clash against San Diego State, Dante Moore completed an impressive 17 out of 27 passing attempts, accumulating a total of 290 yards and securing three touchdowns. His consistent outstanding performance leaves no doubt about his suitability for the starting role. Yet, official confirmation of Moore’s status as the starting quarterback remains elusive.

“Kelly’s comments could be public posturing to show he’s got everyone’s back, but at some point his commitment issues could become a problem. If Moore continues to shine and isn’t rewarded as the permanent starter, that’s going to create its own mess.”

Per Ben Bolch of The LA Times

While Coach Kelly’s stance may appear prudent, clarity is imperative as uncertainty could potentially breed future complications. It is essential for Coach Kelly to decisively designate the starting quarterback to ensure stability and focus within the team. The lingering ambiguity could prove detrimental in the long run.

Looking ahead, UCLA is poised to host North Carolina Central this weekend, offering Dante Moore another opportunity to exhibit his remarkable talents on the field. The Bruins have recently earned a coveted spot in the top 25 rankings and exhibit a steadfast determination to maintain their ascendancy in college football.

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